May 122013
This post is long overdue. I should have been updating since January.

My slave passed away this past January so, this devastated me and I’m still saddened by it. He was a huge part of my family and was my best friend. I was thinking about closing my blog, website, and everything..just shutting down shop but, since he was devoted to me in all things (including this blog and my clips4sale) -I decided to keep going.

R.I.P my devoted submissive, friend, & my heart.
Loving you always & forever. 

As far as doing real-time sessions, I no longer work at Pandoras Box Dungeon so, once again I’m independent. I’m still enrolled in college classes so, while I’m studying, doing homework, Midterms, & now taking Finals – I don’t have much time for sessions. I’m a real girl with a life outside of the kink world so, I have to manage my time accordingly. JUNE I will have full time for sessions (Now accepting CC for real-time sessions), video work, photoshoots, & more!

I’m usually addicted to Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr these days so you can find me there.
Don’t forget to check out my hot NEW gifs! 
Sometimes I’m in the mood for CAM SESSIONS through skype@PrincessD3light or GoogleChat.
And I accept Paypal, GreenDot, MGF,…
A few other NEW goodies: 
I was curious and wanted to know what it smelled like.
Should I have licked it? 
Email **
Others available as well (heels, boots, socks, etc)

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