Sep 082009

I have been busy lately with college, homework, fetish sessions, etc. I have still had time to play and enjoy myself. I adore shopping and buying sexy/cute outfits that make men smile and wave hello with that freaky grin on their face as they ride the train to work. My new schedule will mostly be from 5pm to 10pm M-F. I am basically putting my brain in total overdrive but, still keeping a mental flower.Its funny to me the things I think about while smoking Newport100s and Green420s. I am thinking about starting to do a bit of YOGA since I naturally love to learn new things and want to be further enlightened.

Well first let me tell you about my steamy sessions with my devoted Foot Lover. He has been so loving, obedient, and a generous inspiration to Me. He worships My feet like they are the most precious of diamonds. His knowledge of Business & Arts is very appealing. He seems shy but also friendly and sensitive to my needs. I was very curious to see more of him and to know what makes him drool. He is truly a lover of beautiful female feet.

I can see his obvious views on Black Female Supremacy in his favorite music choices of Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, MC Lyte, Angie Stone, Chaka Khan, & Mary J.Blige (all my faves too). He has all of Mary J.Blige’s albums! The most appealing is his professional upscale tone of voice, his expensive suits, and the fat that he is a brother. My feet and toes are like his new favorite foods. He licked, sucked, smelled, and pampered my feet to a Queening that he well deserved. It pleases me to know that he enjoyed me dominating his face as my throne. Everytime his tongue makes love to my feet…I blush like I’m being tickled. My sessions with him are so intense that his Foot-gasms seem to increase in load.

As I got out the shower and he gazed in at me, I could tell from his stiffening pants that my wet look nearly intoxicted him. He became even more visibly erect through his pants while I dried my hair & body. I could tell that he wanted to sniff & taste my sweet glory. It’s a total turn on for me to be sniffed by a man with a fetish. So go ahead baby and sniff all that sweet goodness. Reminds me of this guy I used to know with an Armpit Fetish who loved to “scratch+sniff ” my pits. LMAO. When I saw how turned on it made him, I felt like I was addicted to his fetish as well and wanted him to sniff more! I guess my own fetish is to see the passion + lust of another persons kinky fetish. Anyway I love my Foot Playmate who is a true foot worshiper. When his cock drools and he is at the edge of screaming, this is when my cunt gets wet. Finally a fetish playmate that can keep up with My desires.


*Updated My Clips4Sale store.
*Working on Blog/Site upgrades.
*Designing new Foot Worship Site.
*This week session times M-F 6pm-10pm.

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