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Dec 242017

OMG – where have I been!


Its been quite a while since I’ve updated my little empire on the www (world wide web). This site has actually been down for about a year and just inactive for a few years. While I’ve had a host of  ‘life problems’ that have delayed my progress on the net; my hosting and domain providers have been unreliable. So I’ll probably be transferring to a more ‘all-in-one’ service like GoDaddy. Any other adult friendly DNS and Hosting recommendations are appreciated. Please do not recommend Yahoo for any services. 

From 2014 to 2017 this blog has missed out on some pretty cute pictures of me. My Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are more up-to-date. Maybe I’ll add a Gallery page to this blog? 

As far as events go, I haven’t been to many kink events lately (other than Avant-Garde in Midtown). I put a lot of things on the back-burner that I can’t wait to get back to – from foot fetish sessions to my clips4sale content. 

[FYI: I’m saddened to realize that has removed my profile, just as I’ve restarted … ah well, on to the next one.] This week I’ll be updating my links on this site and updating my niteflirt lines. 


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Sep 162014

I love his grey hairs, mixed w/ black – to me, age represents wisdom. Like a true Alpha Veteran (My “lion king”). His devious smile, his tall muscular physique, and his aggressive lifestyle – captures me in an infinite cycle of LUST. We surpass pleasure to meet the boundaries of ecstasy.

Sometimes I feel like he represents the part of me that longs to be immortally free – forever young and true. I see a youth in him that he doesn’t see in himself. Life is hard so, why shouldn’t grey hairs be worn as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and pride !?

The way he worships every part of me, makes me weak – and his eyes make me submit to his will. If he cannot see how I adore and worship, the secret parts of him (that he may not acknowledge) – then I refuse to help him see it!

The more I resist, the stronger he gets – resistance is futile! The image of the perfect man, who takes care of his family and his woman. He treats me like a QUEEN but, loves me like a freak in the sheets. I love it! I can still feel his sweat pouring over my body, taking every inch of him deeper and deeper.


He towers over me like a giant, dwarfing my height and my thoughts. Tempting me to act before I think and fueling my perversions. He takes me from Smart to Smut! Making me scream and squeal is just the icing on his cake.

Once again, my dreams are filled with submissive delights. Switching out of my Dominant Role to be a better woman to my man. Wanting him to fulfill his role as my “Daddy Dom”, wielding discipline with every heavy-handed smack to my redboned ass. Working a sweet rhythm onto my cherry red ass, while he pumps his long fingers into my wetness. Tasting my sweet cunt juices from his fingers to his mouth.

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Jun 182014

Is it too much to ask for perfect love, again?

Is asking for devotion, too much?

Ride or Die ♥ love! Hardcore BFFs ★

Summertime’s here and lust is definitely in the air. Now that most or all of my FAKE FRIENDS and bullshitters are out of the way, I’m seeking new connections. People who are mature, financially stable,  open-minded, fun-loving, and spontaneous.

Speaking of ‘LUST’, I think I got hit with a hardcore case of LUST …put the ‘S’ in front and you’ll have Slut. LoL! My weekends have been very steamy and once again I find myself being tempted. My latest TASTE has me hungry for more; the kind of union that watches the sunset and sunrise — again & again.

I don’t need you. I don’t need you. I don’t need you. I don’t need you.  …..But I want you.    ||~Jhene Aiko||


Q: Do hustlers have the biggest dicks? (My A: not necessarily)

Q: Cock or Dick?

Q: Long hair or No hair?

Q: Boots. Yes or No?







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Jun 112014

Firstly, if you’ve been having trouble viewing the site… apologies. I’ve been updating my WordPress Site here and having server issues.

For whatever reason you found my site or sought me out, let me just address this clearly:

  1. Seeing Arrangements, SD/SB: Yes I am still looking for this type of arrangement but, I’m a no non-sense type of person so “if you come come correct !” I expect you to be able and ready to make arrangements. Email me directly with your questions or suggestions.
  2. Clips4Sale, Niteflirt, ELM, Skype: I haven’t uploaded any new videos/products in a while but, I will be working on some soon. So Custom Requests are on HOLD. I am still occasionally on skype if you can catch me there but, be prepared to pay for my cam time! No exceptions, No free chat, No misc bs. NF customers are encouraged to email me in advance for chat.
  3. Real Time Sessions: I am still doing sessions and I’m hosting in the Brooklyn area now, so if you want to boo a session in advance…just be sure to email me first. I’ll be adding another ‘easy-to-use’ sessions form to my site soon!


As far as what I’ve been up to lately, here’s a quick digest:

  1. I’m still attending various ALT/BDSM parties, especially ‘Avant-Garde‘. The next event that I’m going to is this Saturday, June 14th @10pm. Detials here on Fetlife or Facebook.
  2. JerzyLuvSoles: I love spending time with FOOT enthusiasts!!



I do have much more to say and not enough time so I have to cut this short.


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Mar 102014

Splish Splash, My TOES wiggling in my bubble bath. Soaking my SOLES in blissful body oils; Admiring my smooth creamy thighs with your prying eyes. Beauty sinking sweetly beneath the bubbles, desiring to be more than just a bit spoiled.

FGV- ‘The Ultimate Temptation’

There is much to be desired, envied, & imitated. I never hesitate to facilitate that I’ve been underestimated. And a word to those who are eager to serve; I am certain that I’m more than you deserve. My time is precious so monetary tribute is required. If pampering me from HEEL to TOE is your fantasy, you might be an official FGV addict. I now I’ve been gone a while but, I haven’t retired…I’m just a little hard to acquire.

Seducing FEMDOM media is my specialty. From videos and photos to Literary and Audio PERVERSIONS – I aim for quality. Gradually building in quantity, web presence and followings – delighting in the allure of this kinky world.

Real-Time or Online – Female Dominance will remain divine, withstanding the test of time.


……BTW…Happy Belated Love Day….


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Oct 132013

Hey guys,

Lots going on this weekend, so let me give you a quick rundown.

First, I’m recording and uploading video clips so, be sure to check my c4s stores.

Secondly, I might be attending a BDSM Party Tonight – starts @10p.

FGV Addictions

Therapy for Foot Addicts ($5,99 -6min)

A little off topic now…

Honestly, I guess I’ve been a bit MIA since I’ve been a little ‘cock-whipped‘ by my boyfriend. Yes, boyfriend! It feels good to admit to being a bit busy with my increasingly kinky BF. We’ve been having some interesting revelations lately and we have decided that we really want a personal “clean-up cuck“.

As far as a personal cuckold is concerned, I do feel that there are serious candidates for this position but I want BETTER! I would like absolute devotion, loyalty, generosity, and an accurate understanding of cuckolding dynamics. Of course I’m willing to accept a personal submissive who can handle being completely controlled and is willing to serve a Dominant Kinky Couple.


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Sep 272013

I’ve been making updates to my clips4sale stores, and I’m still adding more. My computer has been increasingly slow lately so,  at times it may crash and sets me “back to square one”.

[Latest Video Updates: ]

Sexy Sugar BITCH  ($3.99)

FGV: Reprogramming 4 Foot Addicts   ($5.99)

JOI for cuckolds   ($4.99)

Sensual Femdom Ms.V    ($2.99)

MsCutePantyBITCH: Sheer Blk Thigh-Highs   ($5.99)

Late Night Cuckoldress IGNORE  ($4.99)

The Upskirt Booty Pleaser  ($10.99)

Colorful Toesie Socks  ($3.99)

Massive BBC Footjob   ($4.99)

Femdom Foot Humiliatrix:Toe-Shine ($4.99)

MsCutePantyBITCH: Ass-2-Toe  ($6.99)

Cigar Smoking Toes   ($3.99)


I’m still adding to ELM as I go but, haven’t found much time for MGF. I hope to just get my basics set up a bit more @MGF. I do like the fact that ELM is somehow connected or affiliated with MFC. I think I signed up for MFC but, this is something else that fell to the ‘back burner’. It’s hard to find time for LIVE CAM SESSIONS, when I’m booking RT sessions and recording videos. Not to mention that I have a personal life and other responsibilities. I’m a full-time mother, PT model, Independent Producer, and Lifestyle/ProDomme. (… many HATS).

These past few days have been quite stressful for me. I’ve been a bit under the weather so, I’m still recovering from that. A special thanks goes out to PMS – I hate it. So besides feeling like I’m fighting my body, I’ve felt that I’ve been emotionally and mentally exhausted. Why? My relationship with my “so-called” boyfriend. I guess I hope to be single soon.

I’ve missed NITEFLIRT these past few days (or has it been a week). I will be making time for NF this week, certainly before the weekend. I’m still working on revamping my NF a bit more but, video hosting is slowing down my work? Where do most girls host their videos for sale on Niteflirt? I guess sites like clips4sale an kinkbomb have me spoiled.

Even though I manage to make my BEAUTY seem effortless, it does take some work. I’m still in need of a visit to the hair salon, which I hope to get completed by the weekend. I would also like to go out with a nice sub this weekend for a bit of a Spa_Day.

I know I’ve missed a massive number of calls, related to session inquiries but they haven’t slipped my mind. I enjoy listening to My voicemails and hearing My worshipers voice(s). A missed call w/o a voicemail is noticed, but can’t be replied to.

Some things I like to know are:

  • Details: The type of session you want.
  • Date: When you’d like to see me (day/time).
  • Referral: Where you saw my ad/Who referred you. 
  • Contact: ‘Can I call you back’? or Email/Text? 

The fact of the matter is, its just much easier and more efficient to EMAIL ME, or for me to check my email for your session inquiry. Alternatively, if you prefer to call me, you’ll be hoping my line is taking calls: Therefore in the midst of my personal chaos, if  I can take your call between after-school hours and boyfriend hours….. you get the picture.  So if you’re going to call, consider sending a text or email FIRST.

I’m a busy girl so, if you’re not in it for the long haul then I guess you’re a bit too short in supply of what I seek.

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Sep 202013

I’ve noticed a certain foot fan, whose been showing me love on various sites. He’s followed me with so many comments and adoring compliments. Our brief discussions have given me bits of valuable inspiration. It puts my mind at ease knowing that this “Foot Connoisseur” appreciates all the effort that goes into Independent Fetish Films.

It does take a certain amount of work and effort to make suitable clips to sell. Especially since I’m a “one woman team” most of the time. I actually always take at least an hour to do my hair & makeup. I don’t have a maid so most cleaning might need to be done by me; I’m the one who has to prep the set before filming. Sometimes if you want something done right then you’ve got to do it yourself!

Most of my videos are not Dungeon Fetish Styled, but rather closer to  “Independent Kinky Lifestyle Femdom POVs“. I’m not exactly a wordsmith with terms and I prefer the creativity that comes with branding my own “terms”. A good example is Tamar (of ‘Tamar & Vince’), who is known to say things like “Get Your Life” or “”. I guess some words that best describe me are: Bratty, Urban, MILF, Sassy, College Geek, Kinky, Independent, Sugar-Filled (SB).

Anyway my session with my adoring Foot Fan was tons of fun! He was tall, fit, handsome, “blue-collared”, huge BBC, very accommodating, and a good conversationalist. Once I took my toes out and gave him a quick sniff, he couldn’t get enough of my pretty feet. Sniffing my soles and sucking my toes, I could see his cock throbbing through his pants. As I continued to chat with him, while my toes were deep in his mouth, we discussed my kinky beginnings.

As I lay comfortably smoking a cigarette and drinking a glass of Jack Daniels, he continued to worship my feet. Once I was laying on my tummy in my blouse and panties, with my feet in the air, I felt like a total BRAT. Even dirtier thoughts ran through my mind as I felt my feet pampered with his tongue. After I laid eyes on his massive cock size I couldn’t stop blushing. I knew I was teasing him and I loved every minute of it. Despite his massive size, the way he fucked my SOLES & TOES was heavenly. He fucked my feet at least 2 or 3 times, followed by 2 massive squirting loads! I was very pleased.


Foot Fetish Model Vanessa

“I have worshiped woman as the living embodiment of the spirit of service and sacrifice”. ~~Mahatma Gandhi



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