Oct 132013

Hey guys,

Lots going on this weekend, so let me give you a quick rundown.

First, I’m recording and uploading video clips so, be sure to check my c4s stores.

Secondly, I might be attending a BDSM Party Tonight – starts @10p.

FGV Addictions

Therapy for Foot Addicts ($5,99 -6min)

A little off topic now…

Honestly, I guess I’ve been a bit MIA since I’ve been a little ‘cock-whipped‘ by my boyfriend. Yes, boyfriend! It feels good to admit to being a bit busy with my increasingly kinky BF. We’ve been having some interesting revelations lately and we have decided that we really want a personal “clean-up cuck“.

As far as a personal cuckold is concerned, I do feel that there are serious candidates for this position but I want BETTER! I would like absolute devotion, loyalty, generosity, and an accurate understanding of cuckolding dynamics. Of course I’m willing to accept a personal submissive who can handle being completely controlled and is willing to serve a Dominant Kinky Couple.


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Aug 202013
MsVanessa's Feet

Beautiful Blatina FEET ! ($6.99- 7mins)


Sweet and Sexy BLATINA Mistress loves teasing you with her juicy SOFT SOLES. Size 10 feet with cute wrinkled soles and pretty TOES. Sniff Sniff ..they might be a bit smelly but it’s better that way. Make sure you lick any TOE LINT you may find and suck these PRETTY FEET dry, because this sweet little Mistress wants to keep you as Her personal Foot Bitch and foot-slave. There is no escape from this FemDom Lady. Mesmerizing tones and instructions control you. OBEY!


Small Penis Humiliation

Mini-Dick Foot Humiliation ($12.99 – 8mins)


Watching sale after sale of My SPH, JOI, & CEI videos; smiling to myself about the reality of men with small cocks. Micro-weenie’s that crave a Cruel Beautiful Brat that loves controlling the fantasies of men and watching them squirm. A tiny leaky cock cant even begin to be compared to a BBC. Mini-Cock vs BBC=NoChanceInHELL. haha!



Cruel Bratty Ex-Girlfriend (HD) [$12.99 -8mins]

My new man is a famous rapper and you’re his biggest fan. I know you’re mad that I left you for the famous rapper BIG D. Remember he saw me shaking my sexy ass on the dance floor and he just snapped his fingers. I ran to him and left you in the middle of the club looking like a little bitch (laughter) I mean everybody knows you’re his biggest fan,so you should understand why I left you for him; I mean he’s so fine and his dick is HUGE! It’s ten times the size of yours sweety!

The reason why I’m telling you all this is because you can’t seem to get out his face, you always asking him for an autograph, sitting in between me and him; cock blocking, talking about your favorite rap songs from him and if you could go on tour with him. Really? -LOL! Even after he took me away from you, you want to go on tour with him and be a male groupie?

You just can’t seem to hop off his big dick can you? When he’s fucking me, you seem to be right there swinging from his balls. , I know that is big and all, but I don’t want you swinging on his balls while he’s fucking me (LOL) Let the man get some time alone with the Woman he stole from you, lol …

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Jul 022013

Well after BLOGGER announced the removal of all ADULT BLOGS, which gave me only 3 days to transfer all my content, I am finally transferred over to WordPress now. It took me a few days to transfer this site and 3 others, from blogger to wordpress, but I’m sure its well worth it. I am still revamping this site so, be patient.

As far as SESSIONS go, I am completely fed up with time-wasters and cancellations, so starting TODAY – I will require a deposit for ALL sessions!! No Exceptions. Deposits can be paid via Niteflirt, C4S Tribute, Payoneer (soon), MGF, Amazon GC, and all major CC’s. [Deposit for Foot/Smoking Sessions= $20. Other BDSM =$40.]

I am adding new videos to my c4s: Ass Worship, Foot Fetish (FJ), ..

Bootylucious BiTCH


My Panty Blog will be fully up & running this week. From there you will be able to make all Worn/Fetish item purchases. I am still working on Panty Orders so, if you emailed me — your order is in progress. Panties are in the juicing process…

I am a very busy bee so, be patient as I do 90% of my updates, orders, etc… without a team or paying someone for the job.

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Jun 252013

I have taken a real interest in finding the perfect submissive cuck and since my boyfriend is curious as well, We are officially searching for cuckolding subs.
We prefer an experienced submissive/cuckold who is over 30yrs old, generous, laid-back, obedient, respectful, and genuine.  Watch Us Play as a voyeur and possibly more!  I love my sexuality, sensuality, and will control the session from all aspects.
I prefer a submissive rather than a cuck who isn’t truly submissive or typically cannot follow direction. I am disappointed in a majority of the responses that we have received because most of them are bullshitters or those who don’t follow-through. Tomorrow I will be blacklisting over a dozen wannabe cuckolds! LOL.
For those who have previously had a session with me or are booked for a session, I do now have a BBC open to cuckolding w/Me. The required Donation for a Total Cuck Experience is 300/hr, for this week only! I accept monetary tribute as well as most CC’s. If you can’t afford the tribute, then don’t bother contacting us. As always, WE DO NOT provide any illegal services so don’t ask. Send all booking inquiries to SheSaySoBBCnLite@gmail.com or call me directly. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!
Bullshitters, Timewasters, & Pic Collectors will be blocked/banned/blacklisted!
[This must be said since there were inquiries regarding this —->] Please note that My boyfriend is not and will not be a BBC for your wife/girlfriend ! – He is all mine! LOL… so no I will not share him with your wife (you’re lucky that I’m thoughtful enough to share with you as my cuck).

(Note: We are not swingers and do not swap).
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Jun 232013

—> Title: Make It Clap for DADDY!    Format:MP4   4mins ($5.99)

Daddy loves to record my BEAUTIFUL TATTOOED ASS, and this time he is really into it. He turns the station to a hot RUMP SHAKING tune and with a swift slap on the bum, he says “Shake that ASS for Daddy!” SO I make it clap, shake, bounce, & wiggle – just to make Daddy giggle. My hot little cherry SPANKED ASS patiently waits for Daddy to fill it with something stiff. All we need now is the perfect CUCKOLD to clean up the mess! Daddy and I are very selective in choosing the right CUCK for our potential ‘plaything’.

Salacious Summer SMOKE
—> Title: Salacious Smoking LIPS!   Format:MP4   7mins ($7.99)

Listening to one of my favorite songs and smoking a long Newport100 in my pretty Victoria Secret Panties. Showing off my lovely GLOSSY LIPS blowing smoke into your face. Sexy Smoke Clouds XOXO!

—> Title: Sweet Summer Tease    Format: MP4   (6mins: $6.99)

Beautiful weather. Beautiful Women. Beautiful ME…I love summertime! I just got a pedi yesterday so, Im ready to show off my PRETTY TOES & SOLES. You’ve never seen a pair of LIPS as luscious as mine, with the perfect LIP GLOSS to drives you crazy.

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Jul 142010

he buys Me whatever I want.
he worships Me endlessly.
he knows his place at My feet.
he entices My inner beast.
he spoils Me rotten like green eggs & ham.

I claim his heart as my property.
I control him with my beauty.
I love his devotion, obedience, & affection.
Using his flesh as my canvas is a delight.

I use him as my slut, pig, & personal zombie. lol.
I think his new name should either be:
or maybe I will be merciful & change it to badboycuck !

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Nov 162009

Well I had fun over the weekend and was glad to have a break from the daily routine. I needed to have some fun and go out with a few cool people. I was glad to be in the village once again but, it seemed a bit colder and not as warm as it used to. Not speaking of the weather but some of the people who were there. The stores were great as usual and I was glad to have the “mature and experienced male” who made me smile (in my previous post) , there with me. We also met up with a friend of ours, who was a female sub (who He put a ‘ball gag’ on), then we went to dinner. Even though the night was rainy we still had fun and enjoyed each others company. Dinner in the Village was nice even though the drinks could have had a lot more liquor. LOL.

The three of us always have fun when we are together and I hope it continues to be fun. My Gentleman that treated us to dinner was great and we have a lot in common. We both love computers, techy stuff, bondage, music, kink, and being in control. We were also discussing how ridiculous certain laws are getting as far as smoking inside of places. I still can’t believe that we can not smoke in any bar, restaurant, or inside any where!! smoking outside is fine but, shit…what if its bone cold or raining like hell?! Things just are not the way they used to be and I know that quite a few people miss the “good-ole-day’s“. I hope the laws get changed in My lifetime so that marijuana can at least be legalized, since you can’t even enjoy a good smoke in a bar anymore.

Smoking with my “Gentleman Friend” is the best feeling ever and makes Me think about smoking fetishes. Sometimes it is the simplest things that can arouse you and send you into overdrive. I find that when We smoke and/or share a cigarette together, that I feel a lusty relaxation that comes over me. He makes Me feel like a Princess and a Lady, while his role as the Gentleman inspires my creative kink side. His knowledge of BDSM & Bondage is illuminating and even the male subs sense his superiority as well as his dark side. He totally reminds Me of the actor ‘Eric Northman’ from “TRUE BLOOD”. He is well connected in various communities including the BDSM scene. He has planned a lot of good things for Me this month so hopefully everything works out. I love his confidence and the “I don’t give a fuck what they think attitude” !

3 days until My B-DAY!!!
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Aug 252009

Hey fetishists,

I have uploaded a few new clips to My clips4sale store of smoking, socks, feet, & more sweetness for your teased cocks! LOL. If you wanna check them out and see what cute little outfit I have on just got to my store at http://www.clips4sale.com/store/30912. All of you good little money pigs, sissies, and sub sluts should start buying now before your LOSER cock starts squirting jizz.
I loved making these clips and I had fun just thinking about how my little subbies would wank off to them. I also have a few free preview clips on youtube so join or add Me. I had fun making these youtube clips of me chilling at home smoking and doing other stuff. If you like my youtube previews then leave me a bunch of nice comments. My youtube username is princessD3light1.

Smooches xoxox

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Aug 092009

I had a dream last night about a steamy worship session with a submissive white bitch. I love having my toes licked and sucked by a true foot fetishist. Not every foot fetishist is a submissive but, I am open-minded to either as long as my toes are being worshiped. Being worshiped by an experienced obedient sub feels so delightful, especially if you can humiliate him while he is on his knees. Nothing pleases me more than teasing and torturing a pain loving prick. If a slave is eager to taste my toes in an effort to satisfy My every desire, then why shouldn’t I make him My personal foot rug? LOL.

My kinky little submissive cock-boi does nothing except obey My every desire. I love to have my boy toy tied up by his cock-n-balls from his neck/collar. In this position his every movement causes his tied cock and calls to be jiggled. So while he licks My soft soles and toes, I giggle with pleasure at his drooling mouth and cock! Every lick to My sweet pedicured toes will make his cock drool and his balls squeeze. Seeing his submissive cock and balls tied, just tight enough to keep his cock erect at all times is a funny sight. What a joy to see a man on his knees as My personal bitch to please and adore Me as his Ebony Goddess. I know that his most cock-teased and sweetest dream consists of his one day getting a taste of My juicy ass on his face.

My personal slave loves groaning and drooling like a wet slut while I spank his ass a nice cherry red color. It makes me so wet thinking of a submissive white prick in bondage with a hard cock and cherry red ass. LOL. Every word from his lips are, “yes Princess. I will obey”. My commands are humiliating, teasing, and made to entertain Me. His pleasure does not matter much at all. I like making him say, “yes i am a cock sucking slut who is not worthy of your divine beauty”. What can be more entertaining than a slave humiliating himself for his Mistress’s pleasure?

If I see that a submissive slut like to have his ass fucked & spanked like a bitch then, he must be prepared to be My slut in any capacity. A good slut should always have a wet drooling cock, wet tongue, and wet tight ass to service Me! In return I will have a fat hard dildo ready for a good sucking and fucking from My kinky sub bitch. I have had many requests from submissives who want to be my “cuckold slave”. In other words, a few kinky cuckolds want to lick my cunt after it has been fucked by my boyfriend/another man. A cuckold’s job is to clean up all the mess and often he gets to watch while his wife/girlfriend fucks another man. If a cuckold man is open to sucking the Bull’s (the dominant male) cock after sex and/or drinking his load, as well as the female’s creampie….I think that this would be so fun + arousing. Watching a loyal submissive cuckold suck My cunt juice off of a throbbing bull’s cock would make me blush and get even wetter.

An experienced slave with a talent to please his Mistress and a hunger to be fully devoted is hard to find. I love to be spoiled with gifts and other forms of servitude. Being pampered in every way, from a candle lit room with a rose petal fragranced bubble bath to sitting on human furniture. A Princess deserved to be treated sweetly and obeyed down to the “t”. Unless you would rather disappoint Me and risk being banned or blocked from contacting ME. If you simply wish to disobey or disappoint Me in order to get fucked in your ass like a slut by a cute college girl with a thick strap-on, don’t waste your time because the abuse and pleasure I offer is for loyal generous slaves only!

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