Sep 272013

I’ve been making updates to my clips4sale stores, and I’m still adding more. My computer has been increasingly slow lately so,  at times it may crash and sets me “back to square one”.

[Latest Video Updates: ]

Sexy Sugar BITCH  ($3.99)

FGV: Reprogramming 4 Foot Addicts   ($5.99)

JOI for cuckolds   ($4.99)

Sensual Femdom Ms.V    ($2.99)

MsCutePantyBITCH: Sheer Blk Thigh-Highs   ($5.99)

Late Night Cuckoldress IGNORE  ($4.99)

The Upskirt Booty Pleaser  ($10.99)

Colorful Toesie Socks  ($3.99)

Massive BBC Footjob   ($4.99)

Femdom Foot Humiliatrix:Toe-Shine ($4.99)

MsCutePantyBITCH: Ass-2-Toe  ($6.99)

Cigar Smoking Toes   ($3.99)


I’m still adding to ELM as I go but, haven’t found much time for MGF. I hope to just get my basics set up a bit more @MGF. I do like the fact that ELM is somehow connected or affiliated with MFC. I think I signed up for MFC but, this is something else that fell to the ‘back burner’. It’s hard to find time for LIVE CAM SESSIONS, when I’m booking RT sessions and recording videos. Not to mention that I have a personal life and other responsibilities. I’m a full-time mother, PT model, Independent Producer, and Lifestyle/ProDomme. (… many HATS).

These past few days have been quite stressful for me. I’ve been a bit under the weather so, I’m still recovering from that. A special thanks goes out to PMS – I hate it. So besides feeling like I’m fighting my body, I’ve felt that I’ve been emotionally and mentally exhausted. Why? My relationship with my “so-called” boyfriend. I guess I hope to be single soon.

I’ve missed NITEFLIRT these past few days (or has it been a week). I will be making time for NF this week, certainly before the weekend. I’m still working on revamping my NF a bit more but, video hosting is slowing down my work? Where do most girls host their videos for sale on Niteflirt? I guess sites like clips4sale an kinkbomb have me spoiled.

Even though I manage to make my BEAUTY seem effortless, it does take some work. I’m still in need of a visit to the hair salon, which I hope to get completed by the weekend. I would also like to go out with a nice sub this weekend for a bit of a Spa_Day.

I know I’ve missed a massive number of calls, related to session inquiries but they haven’t slipped my mind. I enjoy listening to My voicemails and hearing My worshipers voice(s). A missed call w/o a voicemail is noticed, but can’t be replied to.

Some things I like to know are:

  • Details: The type of session you want.
  • Date: When you’d like to see me (day/time).
  • Referral: Where you saw my ad/Who referred you. 
  • Contact: ‘Can I call you back’? or Email/Text? 

The fact of the matter is, its just much easier and more efficient to EMAIL ME, or for me to check my email for your session inquiry. Alternatively, if you prefer to call me, you’ll be hoping my line is taking calls: Therefore in the midst of my personal chaos, if  I can take your call between after-school hours and boyfriend hours….. you get the picture.  So if you’re going to call, consider sending a text or email FIRST.

I’m a busy girl so, if you’re not in it for the long haul then I guess you’re a bit too short in supply of what I seek.

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Oct 282009
Below is part 2 of my PIC GALLERY, various fetishes.
I have pictures of Me smoking, teasing, degrading, & my feet.
This gallery does not include the PTV pictures that are for sale in my Images4Sale store.
I will be adding to this gallery on a regular basis so subscribe to my blog to stay updated on all my stuff. I know that all of my kinky online peeps will love this gallery. xoxoxo

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*Click on the image to view the larger version.*






Much more to be added…I’m not done yet.

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Sep 232009

I took a few new pictures of myself with a new hairstyle. Might take a few more later but I have a ton of homework to do. I wanted to blog about a total woman hating jerk that was in one of my classes. He seemed to believe that most women if not all are uneducated, use their body/looks to get everything, and are mainly gold diggers. I was so heated about this guys opinions but, I think he has a ton of other insecurities and possibly psycological problems. I also wanted to twit-a-pic of some weird girl that was staring at me in class today and almost seemed to follow me. Totally weird. LOL. I updated the ‘Main Pic Gallery’ today but, I still have a lot more to add. Guess that will have to wait until tomorrow but, anyway here are my pics.



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Sep 082009

I have been busy lately with college, homework, fetish sessions, etc. I have still had time to play and enjoy myself. I adore shopping and buying sexy/cute outfits that make men smile and wave hello with that freaky grin on their face as they ride the train to work. My new schedule will mostly be from 5pm to 10pm M-F. I am basically putting my brain in total overdrive but, still keeping a mental flower.Its funny to me the things I think about while smoking Newport100s and Green420s. I am thinking about starting to do a bit of YOGA since I naturally love to learn new things and want to be further enlightened.

Well first let me tell you about my steamy sessions with my devoted Foot Lover. He has been so loving, obedient, and a generous inspiration to Me. He worships My feet like they are the most precious of diamonds. His knowledge of Business & Arts is very appealing. He seems shy but also friendly and sensitive to my needs. I was very curious to see more of him and to know what makes him drool. He is truly a lover of beautiful female feet.

I can see his obvious views on Black Female Supremacy in his favorite music choices of Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, MC Lyte, Angie Stone, Chaka Khan, & Mary J.Blige (all my faves too). He has all of Mary J.Blige’s albums! The most appealing is his professional upscale tone of voice, his expensive suits, and the fat that he is a brother. My feet and toes are like his new favorite foods. He licked, sucked, smelled, and pampered my feet to a Queening that he well deserved. It pleases me to know that he enjoyed me dominating his face as my throne. Everytime his tongue makes love to my feet…I blush like I’m being tickled. My sessions with him are so intense that his Foot-gasms seem to increase in load.

As I got out the shower and he gazed in at me, I could tell from his stiffening pants that my wet look nearly intoxicted him. He became even more visibly erect through his pants while I dried my hair & body. I could tell that he wanted to sniff & taste my sweet glory. It’s a total turn on for me to be sniffed by a man with a fetish. So go ahead baby and sniff all that sweet goodness. Reminds me of this guy I used to know with an Armpit Fetish who loved to “scratch+sniff ” my pits. LMAO. When I saw how turned on it made him, I felt like I was addicted to his fetish as well and wanted him to sniff more! I guess my own fetish is to see the passion + lust of another persons kinky fetish. Anyway I love my Foot Playmate who is a true foot worshiper. When his cock drools and he is at the edge of screaming, this is when my cunt gets wet. Finally a fetish playmate that can keep up with My desires.


*Updated My Clips4Sale store.
*Working on Blog/Site upgrades.
*Designing new Foot Worship Site.
*This week session times M-F 6pm-10pm.

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Aug 252009

Hey fetishists,

I have uploaded a few new clips to My clips4sale store of smoking, socks, feet, & more sweetness for your teased cocks! LOL. If you wanna check them out and see what cute little outfit I have on just got to my store at All of you good little money pigs, sissies, and sub sluts should start buying now before your LOSER cock starts squirting jizz.
I loved making these clips and I had fun just thinking about how my little subbies would wank off to them. I also have a few free preview clips on youtube so join or add Me. I had fun making these youtube clips of me chilling at home smoking and doing other stuff. If you like my youtube previews then leave me a bunch of nice comments. My youtube username is princessD3light1.

Smooches xoxox

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Aug 092009

I had a dream last night about a steamy worship session with a submissive white bitch. I love having my toes licked and sucked by a true foot fetishist. Not every foot fetishist is a submissive but, I am open-minded to either as long as my toes are being worshiped. Being worshiped by an experienced obedient sub feels so delightful, especially if you can humiliate him while he is on his knees. Nothing pleases me more than teasing and torturing a pain loving prick. If a slave is eager to taste my toes in an effort to satisfy My every desire, then why shouldn’t I make him My personal foot rug? LOL.

My kinky little submissive cock-boi does nothing except obey My every desire. I love to have my boy toy tied up by his cock-n-balls from his neck/collar. In this position his every movement causes his tied cock and calls to be jiggled. So while he licks My soft soles and toes, I giggle with pleasure at his drooling mouth and cock! Every lick to My sweet pedicured toes will make his cock drool and his balls squeeze. Seeing his submissive cock and balls tied, just tight enough to keep his cock erect at all times is a funny sight. What a joy to see a man on his knees as My personal bitch to please and adore Me as his Ebony Goddess. I know that his most cock-teased and sweetest dream consists of his one day getting a taste of My juicy ass on his face.

My personal slave loves groaning and drooling like a wet slut while I spank his ass a nice cherry red color. It makes me so wet thinking of a submissive white prick in bondage with a hard cock and cherry red ass. LOL. Every word from his lips are, “yes Princess. I will obey”. My commands are humiliating, teasing, and made to entertain Me. His pleasure does not matter much at all. I like making him say, “yes i am a cock sucking slut who is not worthy of your divine beauty”. What can be more entertaining than a slave humiliating himself for his Mistress’s pleasure?

If I see that a submissive slut like to have his ass fucked & spanked like a bitch then, he must be prepared to be My slut in any capacity. A good slut should always have a wet drooling cock, wet tongue, and wet tight ass to service Me! In return I will have a fat hard dildo ready for a good sucking and fucking from My kinky sub bitch. I have had many requests from submissives who want to be my “cuckold slave”. In other words, a few kinky cuckolds want to lick my cunt after it has been fucked by my boyfriend/another man. A cuckold’s job is to clean up all the mess and often he gets to watch while his wife/girlfriend fucks another man. If a cuckold man is open to sucking the Bull’s (the dominant male) cock after sex and/or drinking his load, as well as the female’s creampie….I think that this would be so fun + arousing. Watching a loyal submissive cuckold suck My cunt juice off of a throbbing bull’s cock would make me blush and get even wetter.

An experienced slave with a talent to please his Mistress and a hunger to be fully devoted is hard to find. I love to be spoiled with gifts and other forms of servitude. Being pampered in every way, from a candle lit room with a rose petal fragranced bubble bath to sitting on human furniture. A Princess deserved to be treated sweetly and obeyed down to the “t”. Unless you would rather disappoint Me and risk being banned or blocked from contacting ME. If you simply wish to disobey or disappoint Me in order to get fucked in your ass like a slut by a cute college girl with a thick strap-on, don’t waste your time because the abuse and pleasure I offer is for loyal generous slaves only!

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Jun 242009

My sugar daddy is a nice older married guy that gets totally turned on when hearing about My pretty college cunt being fucked by my boyfriend’s fat cock. He loves hearing me enjoy the pleasures that of a huge dick while my cunt gets wetter and wetter!My pay pet has also displayed and interest in knowing that I get fucked good by my man. I think it is cute for them to lust over my wet young college cunt while stroking their cocks drooling erections. Wishing they could have a taste is what keeps those throbbing cocks standing tall.

My sugar daddy was so excited and started telling me how hard his cock was. I was happy to know that his cock was lusting for the taste of my cunt on his lips. He wanted to drink all my cunt juices and asked if I would let him eat it after a good fucking from a big cock. I told him that I would love for him to clean my cunt with his tongue and lick up my wet pussy candy. I could just imagine his moans and groans while he stoked that hard cock after his long tiresome day of working for my money. LOL.

It was fun to be teasing him and I enjoyed his drooling long cock that throbbed with a hunger for My pussy. I enjoyed knowing that he wanted to make Me squirt and drink my juices. I thought about him licking my pussy through my see-through panties and making me feel like I had wet Myself. I had also imagined that My nasty little slave had licked My panties clean after having his pathetic cock teased & denied.

I love beingspoiled by a sugar daddy that has a fixation for my cunt and will do anything to spoil Me. I have a lot of shopping to do as well as taking more crazy hot pictures in my new accessories. I love being a sensual cock teasing FemDom Princess that can do what the hell she wants with her subs, slaves, sissies, and cuckold guys. When you know your place and know that you are here to please Me, worship Me, and spoil Me ~ this is what turns me on and makes me happy. There is no need to take things by force when you already know that your money & your cock belongs to Me. Have you ever been teased into submission?

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