Mar 102014

Splish Splash, My TOES wiggling in my bubble bath. Soaking my SOLES in blissful body oils; Admiring my smooth creamy thighs with your prying eyes. Beauty sinking sweetly beneath the bubbles, desiring to be more than just a bit spoiled.

FGV- ‘The Ultimate Temptation’

There is much to be desired, envied, & imitated. I never hesitate to facilitate that I’ve been underestimated. And a word to those who are eager to serve; I am certain that I’m more than you deserve. My time is precious so monetary tribute is required. If pampering me from HEEL to TOE is your fantasy, you might be an official FGV addict. I now I’ve been gone a while but, I haven’t retired…I’m just a little hard to acquire.

Seducing FEMDOM media is my specialty. From videos and photos to Literary and Audio PERVERSIONS – I aim for quality. Gradually building in quantity, web presence and followings – delighting in the allure of this kinky world.

Real-Time or Online – Female Dominance will remain divine, withstanding the test of time.


……BTW…Happy Belated Love Day….


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Oct 132013

Hey guys,

Lots going on this weekend, so let me give you a quick rundown.

First, I’m recording and uploading video clips so, be sure to check my c4s stores.

Secondly, I might be attending a BDSM Party Tonight – starts @10p.

FGV Addictions

Therapy for Foot Addicts ($5,99 -6min)

A little off topic now…

Honestly, I guess I’ve been a bit MIA since I’ve been a little ‘cock-whipped‘ by my boyfriend. Yes, boyfriend! It feels good to admit to being a bit busy with my increasingly kinky BF. We’ve been having some interesting revelations lately and we have decided that we really want a personal “clean-up cuck“.

As far as a personal cuckold is concerned, I do feel that there are serious candidates for this position but I want BETTER! I would like absolute devotion, loyalty, generosity, and an accurate understanding of cuckolding dynamics. Of course I’m willing to accept a personal submissive who can handle being completely controlled and is willing to serve a Dominant Kinky Couple.


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Sep 272013

I’ve been making updates to my clips4sale stores, and I’m still adding more. My computer has been increasingly slow lately so,  at times it may crash and sets me “back to square one”.

[Latest Video Updates: ]

Sexy Sugar BITCH  ($3.99)

FGV: Reprogramming 4 Foot Addicts   ($5.99)

JOI for cuckolds   ($4.99)

Sensual Femdom Ms.V    ($2.99)

MsCutePantyBITCH: Sheer Blk Thigh-Highs   ($5.99)

Late Night Cuckoldress IGNORE  ($4.99)

The Upskirt Booty Pleaser  ($10.99)

Colorful Toesie Socks  ($3.99)

Massive BBC Footjob   ($4.99)

Femdom Foot Humiliatrix:Toe-Shine ($4.99)

MsCutePantyBITCH: Ass-2-Toe  ($6.99)

Cigar Smoking Toes   ($3.99)


I’m still adding to ELM as I go but, haven’t found much time for MGF. I hope to just get my basics set up a bit more @MGF. I do like the fact that ELM is somehow connected or affiliated with MFC. I think I signed up for MFC but, this is something else that fell to the ‘back burner’. It’s hard to find time for LIVE CAM SESSIONS, when I’m booking RT sessions and recording videos. Not to mention that I have a personal life and other responsibilities. I’m a full-time mother, PT model, Independent Producer, and Lifestyle/ProDomme. (… many HATS).

These past few days have been quite stressful for me. I’ve been a bit under the weather so, I’m still recovering from that. A special thanks goes out to PMS – I hate it. So besides feeling like I’m fighting my body, I’ve felt that I’ve been emotionally and mentally exhausted. Why? My relationship with my “so-called” boyfriend. I guess I hope to be single soon.

I’ve missed NITEFLIRT these past few days (or has it been a week). I will be making time for NF this week, certainly before the weekend. I’m still working on revamping my NF a bit more but, video hosting is slowing down my work? Where do most girls host their videos for sale on Niteflirt? I guess sites like clips4sale an kinkbomb have me spoiled.

Even though I manage to make my BEAUTY seem effortless, it does take some work. I’m still in need of a visit to the hair salon, which I hope to get completed by the weekend. I would also like to go out with a nice sub this weekend for a bit of a Spa_Day.

I know I’ve missed a massive number of calls, related to session inquiries but they haven’t slipped my mind. I enjoy listening to My voicemails and hearing My worshipers voice(s). A missed call w/o a voicemail is noticed, but can’t be replied to.

Some things I like to know are:

  • Details: The type of session you want.
  • Date: When you’d like to see me (day/time).
  • Referral: Where you saw my ad/Who referred you. 
  • Contact: ‘Can I call you back’? or Email/Text? 

The fact of the matter is, its just much easier and more efficient to EMAIL ME, or for me to check my email for your session inquiry. Alternatively, if you prefer to call me, you’ll be hoping my line is taking calls: Therefore in the midst of my personal chaos, if  I can take your call between after-school hours and boyfriend hours….. you get the picture.  So if you’re going to call, consider sending a text or email FIRST.

I’m a busy girl so, if you’re not in it for the long haul then I guess you’re a bit too short in supply of what I seek.

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Aug 272013

NEW clips!

As a fan of the television show “WEEDS“, I am inspired to support smoking 420 for recreational use – not just medicinal. Sometimes there is nothing sexier than a beautiful person SMOKING, and green is healthy for the environment. Sensual inhales and exhales, enjoying the euphoria while putting some SEXY on your screen is what I crave. [Smoking Fetish]

This summer has flown by so quickly and I feel like I haven’t had the chance to show off my JEANS. My favorite pair of Jean Shorts and a tight t-shirt is what I wear on a casual day. Tight Jeans sinking into my crotch whenever I sit down, actually turns me on a little. I’m having dreams of wetting my jeans! [Jeans Fetish]

Juicy Luscious pepper Red LIPS. Beautiful Exotic blatina, Vanessa is a bit of a makeup addict with an obsession for the lovelier things in life. Most lipwear is easily enhanced with a bit of gloss. [Lipstick Fetish]

SMELLING and brushing my HAIR while you watch and sniff through your screen. Discussing my fetish with HAIR LOVERS who may share my enthusiasm for HAIR. [Hair Fetish]


Sensual. Seductive. Pantyhose Perversion. Erotic JOI for the Stocking Sniffers, Foot Worshipers, and Panty Lovers. Upskirt POV brings you beneath my STOCKINGS where you belong. Stroke while you sniff my worn nylons and devour my sensational scent! [Pantyhose/Stocking Fetish]

Inquiring about DOMINATION sessions?

I’m available this week in Brooklyn- NYC. Same day appointments are possible but, advanced booking is preferred. Fastest way to reach me is Email/Text.  Think you may be Blacklisted? …?.. email me and ASK.

Can’t wait to wear these to a PARTY!





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Aug 202013
MsVanessa's Feet

Beautiful Blatina FEET ! ($6.99- 7mins)


Sweet and Sexy BLATINA Mistress loves teasing you with her juicy SOFT SOLES. Size 10 feet with cute wrinkled soles and pretty TOES. Sniff Sniff ..they might be a bit smelly but it’s better that way. Make sure you lick any TOE LINT you may find and suck these PRETTY FEET dry, because this sweet little Mistress wants to keep you as Her personal Foot Bitch and foot-slave. There is no escape from this FemDom Lady. Mesmerizing tones and instructions control you. OBEY!


Small Penis Humiliation

Mini-Dick Foot Humiliation ($12.99 – 8mins)


Watching sale after sale of My SPH, JOI, & CEI videos; smiling to myself about the reality of men with small cocks. Micro-weenie’s that crave a Cruel Beautiful Brat that loves controlling the fantasies of men and watching them squirm. A tiny leaky cock cant even begin to be compared to a BBC. Mini-Cock vs BBC=NoChanceInHELL. haha!



Cruel Bratty Ex-Girlfriend (HD) [$12.99 -8mins]

My new man is a famous rapper and you’re his biggest fan. I know you’re mad that I left you for the famous rapper BIG D. Remember he saw me shaking my sexy ass on the dance floor and he just snapped his fingers. I ran to him and left you in the middle of the club looking like a little bitch (laughter) I mean everybody knows you’re his biggest fan,so you should understand why I left you for him; I mean he’s so fine and his dick is HUGE! It’s ten times the size of yours sweety!

The reason why I’m telling you all this is because you can’t seem to get out his face, you always asking him for an autograph, sitting in between me and him; cock blocking, talking about your favorite rap songs from him and if you could go on tour with him. Really? -LOL! Even after he took me away from you, you want to go on tour with him and be a male groupie?

You just can’t seem to hop off his big dick can you? When he’s fucking me, you seem to be right there swinging from his balls. , I know that is big and all, but I don’t want you swinging on his balls while he’s fucking me (LOL) Let the man get some time alone with the Woman he stole from you, lol …

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Aug 092013

*FOR SALE: $50*


Related Videos

click & buy

Click & Buy!

—> Title: Smelly Sneakers & Rotten Socks   Format:WMV      6mins ($5.99)

Sniff Sniff…. Something smells and I think its My sneakers! The temps are in the mid 80’s today so, it feels like 100 degrees in the sun. After a busy day on my FEET – back & forth – I’m ready to relax my TOES. Taking off My sneakers I smell a significant odor and soon realize that its My sneakers, with my SWEATY SOCKS rotting inside them! Tell me what smells worse – SNEAKERS or SOCKS??

Buy Now

—>Title: Nosey BOOT bitch!   Format:MP4 (HD-1080p)  –>5mins ($5.99)


It’s a shame you aren’t worthy of the filth underneath My boots! My ankle length well-worn leather boots, pressing your face into the ground – hell of a fantasy huh. Ha Ha.

Well since you were caught spying on Me and tried to creep up on Me, I think a lesson has to be learned here! I don’t tolerate nosey whores who lick BOOT CRUST from the bottom of pretty girls boots. One filthy boot after another, your job as the BOOT WHORE will be to LICK THEM CLEAN! No exceptions. No excuses. Only Devotion & Servitude. Disobedience demands PUNISHMENT!

Coming home from a humid day in my casual LEATHER BOOTS and seeing your loser face gazing at my beauty…is the last thing I want to see. Get your beedy little eyes out of my face before I slap you into a new work week! Eyes to the ground slave and WORSHIP MY FILTHY BOOTS!

Buy Now

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Jul 232013

I love Foot Fetish Sessions in the summertime. Hot weather makes getting your FEET smelly or sweaty, a lot easier! Although I must admit that my feet rarely get smelly or very smelly. I can certainly make my feet sweat but, IDK whats up with the “no-smell” factor. Its weird; a gift and a curse. Nevertheless, everyone likes to worship FEET differently; smelly, dirty, sweaty, ..even clean feet are preferred among some fetishists.


Please Note: If you’d like to book me at this time, the fastest way to contact me is via email/text. I respond back to my texts ASAP and I check my email daily. 
 Available for PAID PHOTOSHOOTS (very selective TF).


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Jul 182013

I’m still offering FOOT WORSHIP & BDSM sessions in NYC (brooklyn/queens area).  However, OUTCALLS are available to those willing to make an advanced deposit for verification. Currently I will not consider most calls without some form of verification or confirmation, so if you book a session with me (over the phone or email) and are consequently a “no-call/no show” — I will blacklist you after the 48hr grace period. I think this is more than fair and is certainly necessary for me to avoid Time-Wasters, PhoneFreaks, & those seeking to “copycat Me”.

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail

PANTY FETISH? Meet me in person or wank to Me via webcam.

Currently I am not seeking any video slaves but, I am seeking slaves for the following positions:

  • Mani/Pedi
  • Social Networking/SEO nerd
  • BDSM Events 2nd
  • Personal Used Items slave 2nd
  • Fitness Guru sub

Contact me via email for requirements.

Now on to WHATs NEW:

NEW VIDEO!! “His 1st Footjob”.

New CLIPS4SALE video (& now on ELM for a 33% discount)!!

I’m finally on [] so now you can buy my videos, photo sets, used items, and other content there!


Calling all PHONE sluts!! New CONTENT added to my NF.

Call Button

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Jun 232013

—> Title: Make It Clap for DADDY!    Format:MP4   4mins ($5.99)

Daddy loves to record my BEAUTIFUL TATTOOED ASS, and this time he is really into it. He turns the station to a hot RUMP SHAKING tune and with a swift slap on the bum, he says “Shake that ASS for Daddy!” SO I make it clap, shake, bounce, & wiggle – just to make Daddy giggle. My hot little cherry SPANKED ASS patiently waits for Daddy to fill it with something stiff. All we need now is the perfect CUCKOLD to clean up the mess! Daddy and I are very selective in choosing the right CUCK for our potential ‘plaything’.

Salacious Summer SMOKE
—> Title: Salacious Smoking LIPS!   Format:MP4   7mins ($7.99)

Listening to one of my favorite songs and smoking a long Newport100 in my pretty Victoria Secret Panties. Showing off my lovely GLOSSY LIPS blowing smoke into your face. Sexy Smoke Clouds XOXO!

—> Title: Sweet Summer Tease    Format: MP4   (6mins: $6.99)

Beautiful weather. Beautiful Women. Beautiful ME…I love summertime! I just got a pedi yesterday so, Im ready to show off my PRETTY TOES & SOLES. You’ve never seen a pair of LIPS as luscious as mine, with the perfect LIP GLOSS to drives you crazy.

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