Sep 202013

I’ve noticed a certain foot fan, whose been showing me love on various sites. He’s followed me with so many comments and adoring compliments. Our brief discussions have given me bits of valuable inspiration. It puts my mind at ease knowing that this “Foot Connoisseur” appreciates all the effort that goes into Independent Fetish Films.

It does take a certain amount of work and effort to make suitable clips to sell. Especially since I’m a “one woman team” most of the time. I actually always take at least an hour to do my hair & makeup. I don’t have a maid so most cleaning might need to be done by me; I’m the one who has to prep the set before filming. Sometimes if you want something done right then you’ve got to do it yourself!

Most of my videos are not Dungeon Fetish Styled, but rather closer to  “Independent Kinky Lifestyle Femdom POVs“. I’m not exactly a wordsmith with terms and I prefer the creativity that comes with branding my own “terms”. A good example is Tamar (of ‘Tamar & Vince’), who is known to say things like “Get Your Life” or “”. I guess some words that best describe me are: Bratty, Urban, MILF, Sassy, College Geek, Kinky, Independent, Sugar-Filled (SB).

Anyway my session with my adoring Foot Fan was tons of fun! He was tall, fit, handsome, “blue-collared”, huge BBC, very accommodating, and a good conversationalist. Once I took my toes out and gave him a quick sniff, he couldn’t get enough of my pretty feet. Sniffing my soles and sucking my toes, I could see his cock throbbing through his pants. As I continued to chat with him, while my toes were deep in his mouth, we discussed my kinky beginnings.

As I lay comfortably smoking a cigarette and drinking a glass of Jack Daniels, he continued to worship my feet. Once I was laying on my tummy in my blouse and panties, with my feet in the air, I felt like a total BRAT. Even dirtier thoughts ran through my mind as I felt my feet pampered with his tongue. After I laid eyes on his massive cock size I couldn’t stop blushing. I knew I was teasing him and I loved every minute of it. Despite his massive size, the way he fucked my SOLES & TOES was heavenly. He fucked my feet at least 2 or 3 times, followed by 2 massive squirting loads! I was very pleased.


Foot Fetish Model Vanessa

“I have worshiped woman as the living embodiment of the spirit of service and sacrifice”. ~~Mahatma Gandhi



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May 122013
This post is long overdue. I should have been updating since January.

My slave passed away this past January so, this devastated me and I’m still saddened by it. He was a huge part of my family and was my best friend. I was thinking about closing my blog, website, and everything..just shutting down shop but, since he was devoted to me in all things (including this blog and my clips4sale) -I decided to keep going.

R.I.P my devoted submissive, friend, & my heart.
Loving you always & forever. 

As far as doing real-time sessions, I no longer work at Pandoras Box Dungeon so, once again I’m independent. I’m still enrolled in college classes so, while I’m studying, doing homework, Midterms, & now taking Finals – I don’t have much time for sessions. I’m a real girl with a life outside of the kink world so, I have to manage my time accordingly. JUNE I will have full time for sessions (Now accepting CC for real-time sessions), video work, photoshoots, & more!

I’m usually addicted to Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr these days so you can find me there.
Don’t forget to check out my hot NEW gifs! 
Sometimes I’m in the mood for CAM SESSIONS through skype@PrincessD3light or GoogleChat.
And I accept Paypal, GreenDot, MGF,…
A few other NEW goodies: 
I was curious and wanted to know what it smelled like.
Should I have licked it? 
Email **
Others available as well (heels, boots, socks, etc)

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Oct 282009
Below is part 2 of my PIC GALLERY, various fetishes.
I have pictures of Me smoking, teasing, degrading, & my feet.
This gallery does not include the PTV pictures that are for sale in my Images4Sale store.
I will be adding to this gallery on a regular basis so subscribe to my blog to stay updated on all my stuff. I know that all of my kinky online peeps will love this gallery. xoxoxo

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*Click on the image to view the larger version.*






Much more to be added…I’m not done yet.

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Oct 272009

Over the weekend I met this cute older foot sub who made be blush and laugh at his weakness. I truly enjoyed dominating him with my feet and ruling his 10 inch white cock. This white male sub was handsome, fit, and he had some impressive cockmeat. He complimented me on how pretty I was and then he told me that my feet are so beautiful. I was amazed by his various tattoos and could see that he could definitely take a good deal of pain. His fetish was dirty feet so I made sure to walk around for a few minutes barefoot and get my soles dirty. He enjoyed the sound of my sweet voice telling him how nasty my soles were becoming. The idea of my feet just being filthy and him licking them clean just turned him on. He was so aroused by my pretty feet walking around the room picking up dirt. Then when I sat down in my denim skirt and showed him my soles, I looked down at his exposed cock that was drooling. I then commanded him to lick all the dirt off my feet as if he had made a mess that needed to be cleaned. I also commanded him to jerk his cock and make it drool until I told him otherwise. He began to jerk his hard throbbing cock while he was on his knees and my feet were on his face. I thought of how horny he was and called him My “Dirty little Foot Bitch”. He licked my dirty soles and toes like it was the most delicious snack ever. I used my fight foot to play with his fat balls and bounce them, something like a light kicking sensation that made his cock drool more. I scolded him and told him to make that cock drool before I take my precious dirty soles away from him. He followed my orders with an adoring obedient tone that showed his lust increase as he jerked his drooling cock for my pleasure. He asked me if he could serve as my dirty foot slave and I told him yes.
When he finally showed me the extent of his drooling cock and it’s hard 10 inches, I saw it looking nicely shined with drool. I gave him permission to cum and then he proceeded to jerk and say, “Yes, Goddess. Urrgh…here it cums Princess…uuu”!! I said, “yes make that cock squirt hard” and I saw him take 5 long cum-spurts. Then I was pleased with my ‘dirty foot slut’ as my feet slid off his face. Then he told me how he had saw my site and he said he enjoyed it. We talked for a few and he offered himself to me in any ways I might need. I told him I wanted to take a picture of him with my feet over his face. Here are some pics below. Enjoy!

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Oct 212009

I’ve been studying for Midterms so my time has been very limited. I have found some time to chat with a few generous submissive men who are interested in spoiling me on a weekly basis. This weekend I went shopping and got a few things which totaled to about $300. I still didn’t get everything I wanted and have a bunch more on my list. My sister and I went shopping but, we had so many bags that all we could think about was having a “personal bag-boy”. We wanted to use some submissive male who likes watching women shop for shoes and clothes. We want him to carry all of Our bags or most of them so that We can shop more and not have to strain with heavy bags. If there is a bag-boy who is willing to walk around and go shopping with us to carry all the bags, email me: No wimps with zero muscles because you must be able to carry at least 10-15bags!

Anyway, I love my new hair style and I think it looks so cute! My BFF did my hair for me and she is the best stylist I know next to my Braider. I have made this new pic my main pic on my myspace profile. I am on Myspace a lot more often now since I am meeting more & more D/s friends. My pictures are getting a ton of comments and I adore the attention. My Myspace page is at and usually I only add those who are D/s, fetish, and 25yrs+. I also have a Youtube page if you want to check out my previews and addme there. Here are a few new pictures I using my webcam. Like?



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Sep 182009

My Fetish Clip$:
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A nice clip of me lotioning my feet in my bed and
getting aroused more and more.
Fantasizing about a handsome foot guy licking,
caressing, & pampering my feet.

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Check out this hot sexy clip of me doing some
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I look sweet enough to eat in my sexy tight outfit.
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Tasty Young FemDom sock tease will have you rubbing your
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Cum get a taste of this sexy Ebony Foot fetish Mistress

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Watch this video of Me at home being pretty and showing
off my sexy legs, feet, and toes. I love teasing you with all my
sexy assets and size 10 Goddess feet. Worship my high arches
and soft soles…perfect for licking.

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Watch this clip of me smoking a cigarette looking sexy.

Inhale Exhale….mmm soo good.
I know you wish you could inhale my smoke.

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…..more to be added soon…..
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Sep 182009

I have not been having much time lately and have been dominated by my classes, homework, and family life. Things have been quiet in a way and time seems to be flying by and before you know it the whole day is gone. I guess it is also because of the change in weather from hot sunny days to chilly mornings. I have also been shopping more & more since the summer is basically done. I plan on getting a pair of lady ‘Timberland‘ boots. I might have to order my boots from since I want a tall custom pair. Here is what I want them to look like ($190):

I am also still working on upgrading my site which would have been done by now if it wasn’t for the poor service/assistance of “Hostway”. I am on a search for better and more reliable hosting since I find the Hostway company completely unreliable and unprofessional. I have seen that a few other sites are using WordPress and being hosted by GoDaddy, PowWeb, and alternately PhatServers. I do plan on using wordpress since it has more flexibility than blogger plus a bunch of other cool add-ins. I love designing my own graphics,icons,etc.The thought of building my site through Frontpage has crossed my mind but I want it to look sharper and more girly-tech without looking blurred as I have seen with “other” domme sites. Some sites/blogs have really caught my attention although I like a more natural human-run site/blog not run by bots!
Anyway, I have been uploading some new video clips of me and my sexy feet to Clips4Sale. I will soon be making other clips for armpit fetish, bubble gum, boot fetish, panty fetish, findom, crush, & masturbation instruction. If you want a custom fetish clip just send me an email with your request to

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Aug 312009

I was nervous about starting classes and just eager to start going to know what my schedule would be like. Now since I have started classes I will not be available during the morning times from Monday-Friday. I will only be available after about 4 or 5pm. My weekends are still free so I look forward to having some more sweet tasty Foot Fetish fun. I can’t describe how great it feels to have you toes worshiped and sucked by a true foot lover. I am also looking forward to going to a hot Foot Fetish Party that I keep hearing about and that I have seen advertised on several sites. I have already been invited by a nice guy who is hoping that he can accompany me to the party and be my most beloved foot worshiper. I will definitely have to be dressed as cute as a button to melt the hearts of all the new foot friends that I hope to make.I also hope to have a new pair of the sexiest most mouth watering sandals on for my foot worshiper to lick my toes through. LOL.

I was really looking forward to having some fun and prosperous times with the “SugarFootGirls Co.” but, it does not seem like I will be working with that “manager” anymore. I am sad about this change and was hoping to keep my traveling arrangements to the Bronx location. I guess that some things are just not meant to be and I am not sure how this will affect my “foot friends” in the BX. I hate working with companies that have no intention of having you employed long term. I enjoy working with business minded entrepreneur-like people. This is also another reason why I prefer to work with females rather than males since they seem to be more reliable, dependable, and supportive. Don’t get me wrong about the company as if things went poorly, things were fine, but I just don’t think that a newly developed company was right for me.

Next, I am looking forward to doing a photo shoot with a popular fetish site that I think is so HOT!! I love connecting to people who indulge in various fetishes. I love learning new things and sucking everything up like a hungry sexual sponge. LOL. I may not have experienced every fetish that there is but, I am always open minded. I would love to meet or hookup with a goth girl with great glamour/makeup talents to darken my appearance. I have been thinking of trying to hook up with a independent confident Bi-lady. Women excite me and I love their kindness. I think that all women are beautiful no matter what size, shape, or color and deserve to be treated like Queens. Women are truly Goddesses compared to men since we have the gift to create life. I was also truly inspired and entertained by reading a bit of “Goddess Glory’s man Destroying” blog. I loved her Afro pictures!

Today, I met mature Bi-lady that captured me with her thrilling conversation, opinions, and her being 420 friendly. I longed for a 420 friendly partner that can be interested in me as a friend and much more. I am blessed to have met her and she was so…….sweet. We exchanged numbers and are supposed to meet again soon. Although she does not seem to be into any fetishes I still like her naturally dominant style.

My fun with her tonight reminded me of a recent fling that I had with a middle-aged Black+PR mixed guy. He is bald, muscular, fit, totally sexy. He makes my toes curl and my blood boil. Maybe it’s because of his mature appearance or quiet style. Whatever the case I found myself yearning for just a taste of him just to see what it was like. When I finally got my taste I think I became briefly addicted to his sensual dominant but yet submissive fetish style. He has a fetish for feet and armpits. LOL. It turned me on to have him sniffing and caressing so many parts that were like new virgins to his touch. It was very enjoyable to have him adoring my feet while we moaned in a sweet lust. He had the most amazing cock and I felt so tight & wet on this thickness. His hands seemed to make love to my body and worship every corner of me. We discussed doing cuckolding sessions with him as the bull and a generous sub male as the cuck. I told him that I would love to experience that and he told me that he had done something similar in the past. His experience was definitely a turn on.

I felt guilty because I am involved with someone but, the relationship now has much distance between us. I didn’t want to feel like I was abandoning someone that didn’t deserve it. Anyway, I explained this to my brief lover and he seemed to understand but, did not display too many emotions. His uncaring silent attitude left me feeling unsure and uncomfortable. There was little to no communication between us which seemed to be what he wanted. I don’t understand what happened or what other situations he might have been dealing with but he should have been a bit more caring. If he was at least the cool 420 smoking friend that I thought he was, he should have been able to talk to me and communicate his problems/desires. This is why I had to end my brief sensual fling with this arousing kinkster. My heart was breaking to lose another friend/playmate who shared so many interests with me to an unknown issue. Communication is always key!!!!!

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Aug 192009

pimp myspace
It is exciting to know that a guy wants to be humiliated by Me and abused for my amusement. I have no problem having a good laugh at some wankers expense. However, I would like a foot worshiper more than a humiliation slut. There are 3 men who can say that they have had the pleasure of a foot fetish session with Me and have had some ‘squirtastic’ fun. I like all the kink of BDSM, Worship, and female supremacy. I have found a lot of fakers online as well but, I have also found some serious subs/slaves that a generous and serious about worshiping.

Anyway, I love being spoiled and worshiped. I would enjoy the opportunity to have a personal male slave to use,abuse,tease,& please as I see fit. I am into Foot worship,Body worship,and more. I am also a smoker so having a human ashtray or human furniture also appeals to Me. I want a sub who will do everything for Me and anything to make Me smile!

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Jul 182009

I love the fact that tons of submissive slaves and worshipers want to worship My feet and think they are beautiful. Since I have had a rise in the demand for My feet and accessories…I have decided to show more of them. I will show more of My newly pedicured feet and personal pix that I take of them. I enjoy the attention from submissive losers who beg and plead for the opportunity to serve Me and spoil Me. It turns Me on to know that I will deny their every cock drooling orgasm just for the hell of it. I know all you horny subs and slaves take pleasure in the pain I inflict by teasing, denying, & torturing your unworthy cocks.

I love and appreciate the love that My myspace friends have been showing Me. I have seen a lot of talented and experienced dommes who have the most elegant websites I have ever seen. I also think that most of the younger dommes have great new ideas and ways to control and use slaves. I like good sites with real content and real people. I’m not too much of a fan of any “Paysites“. Don’t get Me wrong…I think the content is great and the pictures look beyong perfect but, it seems too fake. That’s just the way I feel. It’s easy to have a paysite and just sell content but, to actually blog and have to connect with your clients/readers takes more effort. The exception to certain paysites I like or don’t like would be the paysites who also have a connected or related blog. At least this way when I look at the blog I can say well …”cool, at least this is a real person and not a bot/company”. LOL.

Anyway, I get new ideas everyday from requests or fetishes that other submissives have and inquire about. A few subs wanted to buy My smelly socks and used underwears. I was shocked and kinda turned on at the thought of some slut sniffing My underwears wishing he could bury his nose in My cunt. These used panty guys obviously love to lick and smell used underwear because it gets their cocks rock hard. I was laughing so hard at the thought of these dirty panty & sock sniffers that I almost wet My undies. LMAO. Then My new toes/foot sub started telling ME how he loved the smell of dirty girl socks and that it got his cock hard just thinking about it. i can just imagine how this sock boy would beat his nasty kinky pud with My smelly socks. (hilarious) Now I want a sock slave to wear My filthy socks on his head. LOL.

Now I will be selling My used underwears,socks, & stockings for My submissive admirers.
If you are interested in buying a pair of My used underwears with the scent of My cunt juices on it, then send Me a message( .
The items will be ziplocked to preserve the scent and mailed to you in a discreet brown envelope.
I will also send a picture of Me wearing the item.
I have many different styles and shades of underwear & socks.

I will accept paypal, epassporte, alertpay… Price: 2 for $40.

I will be very discreet since most guys are possibly married or involved.

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