Sep 162014

I love his grey hairs, mixed w/ black – to me, age represents wisdom. Like a true Alpha Veteran (My “lion king”). His devious smile, his tall muscular physique, and his aggressive lifestyle – captures me in an infinite cycle of LUST. We surpass pleasure to meet the boundaries of ecstasy.

Sometimes I feel like he represents the part of me that longs to be immortally free – forever young and true. I see a youth in him that he doesn’t see in himself. Life is hard so, why shouldn’t grey hairs be worn as a symbol of strength, wisdom, and pride !?

The way he worships every part of me, makes me weak – and his eyes make me submit to his will. If he cannot see how I adore and worship, the secret parts of him (that he may not acknowledge) – then I refuse to help him see it!

The more I resist, the stronger he gets – resistance is futile! The image of the perfect man, who takes care of his family and his woman. He treats me like a QUEEN but, loves me like a freak in the sheets. I love it! I can still feel his sweat pouring over my body, taking every inch of him deeper and deeper.


He towers over me like a giant, dwarfing my height and my thoughts. Tempting me to act before I think and fueling my perversions. He takes me from Smart to Smut! Making me scream and squeal is just the icing on his cake.

Once again, my dreams are filled with submissive delights. Switching out of my Dominant Role to be a better woman to my man. Wanting him to fulfill his role as my “Daddy Dom”, wielding discipline with every heavy-handed smack to my redboned ass. Working a sweet rhythm onto my cherry red ass, while he pumps his long fingers into my wetness. Tasting my sweet cunt juices from his fingers to his mouth.

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Sep 272013

I’ve been making updates to my clips4sale stores, and I’m still adding more. My computer has been increasingly slow lately so,  at times it may crash and sets me “back to square one”.

[Latest Video Updates: ]

Sexy Sugar BITCH  ($3.99)

FGV: Reprogramming 4 Foot Addicts   ($5.99)

JOI for cuckolds   ($4.99)

Sensual Femdom Ms.V    ($2.99)

MsCutePantyBITCH: Sheer Blk Thigh-Highs   ($5.99)

Late Night Cuckoldress IGNORE  ($4.99)

The Upskirt Booty Pleaser  ($10.99)

Colorful Toesie Socks  ($3.99)

Massive BBC Footjob   ($4.99)

Femdom Foot Humiliatrix:Toe-Shine ($4.99)

MsCutePantyBITCH: Ass-2-Toe  ($6.99)

Cigar Smoking Toes   ($3.99)


I’m still adding to ELM as I go but, haven’t found much time for MGF. I hope to just get my basics set up a bit more @MGF. I do like the fact that ELM is somehow connected or affiliated with MFC. I think I signed up for MFC but, this is something else that fell to the ‘back burner’. It’s hard to find time for LIVE CAM SESSIONS, when I’m booking RT sessions and recording videos. Not to mention that I have a personal life and other responsibilities. I’m a full-time mother, PT model, Independent Producer, and Lifestyle/ProDomme. (… many HATS).

These past few days have been quite stressful for me. I’ve been a bit under the weather so, I’m still recovering from that. A special thanks goes out to PMS – I hate it. So besides feeling like I’m fighting my body, I’ve felt that I’ve been emotionally and mentally exhausted. Why? My relationship with my “so-called” boyfriend. I guess I hope to be single soon.

I’ve missed NITEFLIRT these past few days (or has it been a week). I will be making time for NF this week, certainly before the weekend. I’m still working on revamping my NF a bit more but, video hosting is slowing down my work? Where do most girls host their videos for sale on Niteflirt? I guess sites like clips4sale an kinkbomb have me spoiled.

Even though I manage to make my BEAUTY seem effortless, it does take some work. I’m still in need of a visit to the hair salon, which I hope to get completed by the weekend. I would also like to go out with a nice sub this weekend for a bit of a Spa_Day.

I know I’ve missed a massive number of calls, related to session inquiries but they haven’t slipped my mind. I enjoy listening to My voicemails and hearing My worshipers voice(s). A missed call w/o a voicemail is noticed, but can’t be replied to.

Some things I like to know are:

  • Details: The type of session you want.
  • Date: When you’d like to see me (day/time).
  • Referral: Where you saw my ad/Who referred you. 
  • Contact: ‘Can I call you back’? or Email/Text? 

The fact of the matter is, its just much easier and more efficient to EMAIL ME, or for me to check my email for your session inquiry. Alternatively, if you prefer to call me, you’ll be hoping my line is taking calls: Therefore in the midst of my personal chaos, if  I can take your call between after-school hours and boyfriend hours….. you get the picture.  So if you’re going to call, consider sending a text or email FIRST.

I’m a busy girl so, if you’re not in it for the long haul then I guess you’re a bit too short in supply of what I seek.

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Sep 202013

I’ve noticed a certain foot fan, whose been showing me love on various sites. He’s followed me with so many comments and adoring compliments. Our brief discussions have given me bits of valuable inspiration. It puts my mind at ease knowing that this “Foot Connoisseur” appreciates all the effort that goes into Independent Fetish Films.

It does take a certain amount of work and effort to make suitable clips to sell. Especially since I’m a “one woman team” most of the time. I actually always take at least an hour to do my hair & makeup. I don’t have a maid so most cleaning might need to be done by me; I’m the one who has to prep the set before filming. Sometimes if you want something done right then you’ve got to do it yourself!

Most of my videos are not Dungeon Fetish Styled, but rather closer to  “Independent Kinky Lifestyle Femdom POVs“. I’m not exactly a wordsmith with terms and I prefer the creativity that comes with branding my own “terms”. A good example is Tamar (of ‘Tamar & Vince’), who is known to say things like “Get Your Life” or “”. I guess some words that best describe me are: Bratty, Urban, MILF, Sassy, College Geek, Kinky, Independent, Sugar-Filled (SB).

Anyway my session with my adoring Foot Fan was tons of fun! He was tall, fit, handsome, “blue-collared”, huge BBC, very accommodating, and a good conversationalist. Once I took my toes out and gave him a quick sniff, he couldn’t get enough of my pretty feet. Sniffing my soles and sucking my toes, I could see his cock throbbing through his pants. As I continued to chat with him, while my toes were deep in his mouth, we discussed my kinky beginnings.

As I lay comfortably smoking a cigarette and drinking a glass of Jack Daniels, he continued to worship my feet. Once I was laying on my tummy in my blouse and panties, with my feet in the air, I felt like a total BRAT. Even dirtier thoughts ran through my mind as I felt my feet pampered with his tongue. After I laid eyes on his massive cock size I couldn’t stop blushing. I knew I was teasing him and I loved every minute of it. Despite his massive size, the way he fucked my SOLES & TOES was heavenly. He fucked my feet at least 2 or 3 times, followed by 2 massive squirting loads! I was very pleased.


Foot Fetish Model Vanessa

“I have worshiped woman as the living embodiment of the spirit of service and sacrifice”. ~~Mahatma Gandhi



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May 122013
This post is long overdue. I should have been updating since January.

My slave passed away this past January so, this devastated me and I’m still saddened by it. He was a huge part of my family and was my best friend. I was thinking about closing my blog, website, and everything..just shutting down shop but, since he was devoted to me in all things (including this blog and my clips4sale) -I decided to keep going.

R.I.P my devoted submissive, friend, & my heart.
Loving you always & forever. 

As far as doing real-time sessions, I no longer work at Pandoras Box Dungeon so, once again I’m independent. I’m still enrolled in college classes so, while I’m studying, doing homework, Midterms, & now taking Finals – I don’t have much time for sessions. I’m a real girl with a life outside of the kink world so, I have to manage my time accordingly. JUNE I will have full time for sessions (Now accepting CC for real-time sessions), video work, photoshoots, & more!

I’m usually addicted to Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr these days so you can find me there.
Don’t forget to check out my hot NEW gifs! 
Sometimes I’m in the mood for CAM SESSIONS through skype@PrincessD3light or GoogleChat.
And I accept Paypal, GreenDot, MGF,…
A few other NEW goodies: 
I was curious and wanted to know what it smelled like.
Should I have licked it? 
Email **
Others available as well (heels, boots, socks, etc)

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Aug 142011

No its not that kind of “eating out” so get your dirty mind out of the clouds. 

HAHA. Perv! 
I love eating out at some of my favorite restaurants and most of them are in Manhattan or New Jersey. I prefer a quiet restaurant rather that a stuffy loud environment. I can always appreciate a courteous and professional waiter. However, NO ONE LIKES A SMART ASS! 
I went to the Olive Garden restaurant in Brooklyn with My slave and my lovely sister for lunch. Our waiter was a young girl with a pleasant tone of voice and wandering eyes. While we gave her our order and began to discuss the wine selection, she made a few suggestions but then asked my sister for her identification. I had no problem with this except for the fact that the waiter seemed as if her won age was not older than that of 16. My first thoughts were wondering if she was even old enough to serve liquor because she certainly was not old enough to drink. Then the funniest thing of all was when she started describing the tastes of the various wines. WOW! She knows a lot for one who is not of legal age to drink! lmao. Well this is the crazy world we live in and everyday…BROOKLYN is the craziest! 
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Nov 162009

Well I had fun over the weekend and was glad to have a break from the daily routine. I needed to have some fun and go out with a few cool people. I was glad to be in the village once again but, it seemed a bit colder and not as warm as it used to. Not speaking of the weather but some of the people who were there. The stores were great as usual and I was glad to have the “mature and experienced male” who made me smile (in my previous post) , there with me. We also met up with a friend of ours, who was a female sub (who He put a ‘ball gag’ on), then we went to dinner. Even though the night was rainy we still had fun and enjoyed each others company. Dinner in the Village was nice even though the drinks could have had a lot more liquor. LOL.

The three of us always have fun when we are together and I hope it continues to be fun. My Gentleman that treated us to dinner was great and we have a lot in common. We both love computers, techy stuff, bondage, music, kink, and being in control. We were also discussing how ridiculous certain laws are getting as far as smoking inside of places. I still can’t believe that we can not smoke in any bar, restaurant, or inside any where!! smoking outside is fine but, shit…what if its bone cold or raining like hell?! Things just are not the way they used to be and I know that quite a few people miss the “good-ole-day’s“. I hope the laws get changed in My lifetime so that marijuana can at least be legalized, since you can’t even enjoy a good smoke in a bar anymore.

Smoking with my “Gentleman Friend” is the best feeling ever and makes Me think about smoking fetishes. Sometimes it is the simplest things that can arouse you and send you into overdrive. I find that when We smoke and/or share a cigarette together, that I feel a lusty relaxation that comes over me. He makes Me feel like a Princess and a Lady, while his role as the Gentleman inspires my creative kink side. His knowledge of BDSM & Bondage is illuminating and even the male subs sense his superiority as well as his dark side. He totally reminds Me of the actor ‘Eric Northman’ from “TRUE BLOOD”. He is well connected in various communities including the BDSM scene. He has planned a lot of good things for Me this month so hopefully everything works out. I love his confidence and the “I don’t give a fuck what they think attitude” !

3 days until My B-DAY!!!
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Oct 122009

My Blatino Papi in the BX invited me over for some 420 fun. When I go there he was already telling me to get myself together because, he wanted me to go somewhere with him. I didn’t know where he wanted to go but, I took a nice relaxing shower to wash away the “subway” feeling. Then he told me that we were going to meet a couple that lived a few blocks away. I just couldn’t wait to smoke some 420 and have a drink. I was already stressed by my blatino’s lateness since he had me waiting. (Butthead!)

When we went to meet the couple a few blocks away, I was thinking about how they looked. The guy met us outside of his building and gave us a nice greeting. he really made us feel welcome. The guy seemed very fit and muscular. He was about 5′ 7″,Brown complexion,and a low hair cut. Physically I found him attractive and his spanish was a total turn on. When the “Brown skinned Papi” introduced us to his lady, I could see she was a beautiful young milf. She was latin and had long hair, a bald kitty, nice boobs. She was wearing a cherry pajama shirt and naked from the waist down underneath her blanket. Everyone was 420 friendly so, we had a few blunts rotating.

“Brown papi” and his lady seemed like any other normal couple and were fun to be around. The couple had done this a few times before…swinging/swapping. We listened to some music videos, watched porn, and drank Smirnoff. I enjoyed being around other 420 smokers and smoking good KUSH. I was sooo bent! LOL.
I sat next to “Cherry” on the day bed and we talked about Pitbull’s music video – “Hotel”. I started to caress and tickle her thigh underneath the blanket when I realized that she wasn’t wearing any underwear! She seemed a little shy but, we clicked and I liked her personality. She was a bit submissive compared to her Dominant BrownPapi and her words suggested that all her holes were his property.

A few minutes after I touched her thigh and leg, her papi came around with his cock pulled out for her. She began sucking his cock and he removed the blanket to reveal her pretty bald cunt. I touched it and started kissing her thighs. Then My blatino papi sat behind me kissing my neck and he encouraged me to taste her cunt. I started licking and sucking her cunt that tasted like candy on my tongue. She was sucking her papi’s cock while I ate her juicy pussy. She was moaning and moving her hips around as I licked her wet clit. My “Blatino Papi” was undressing me from the waist down while I slurped her pretty spanish pussy. Once my bottom was naked he began to rub my clit and my ass. Then I turned to see his cock standing hard and long so, I started sucking him. Then all of a sudden I felt a wet tongue sliding up and down my pussy. I was so wet and turned on with all the sex in the air. The dominant BrownPapiwas done getting his cock sucked by “Cherry” and decided to taste my cunt. He licked and tongued my pussy until I was nearly shivering on his tongue. While he was eating my cunt, my BlatinoPapi was fucking “Cherry” doggystyle; at this point it was a full swap! I could tell he was enjoying her cunt and could see how hard his dick was. I wanted him to make her cum.

(……… be continued……..more to cum).

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Sep 232009

I took a few new pictures of myself with a new hairstyle. Might take a few more later but I have a ton of homework to do. I wanted to blog about a total woman hating jerk that was in one of my classes. He seemed to believe that most women if not all are uneducated, use their body/looks to get everything, and are mainly gold diggers. I was so heated about this guys opinions but, I think he has a ton of other insecurities and possibly psycological problems. I also wanted to twit-a-pic of some weird girl that was staring at me in class today and almost seemed to follow me. Totally weird. LOL. I updated the ‘Main Pic Gallery’ today but, I still have a lot more to add. Guess that will have to wait until tomorrow but, anyway here are my pics.



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Sep 082009

I have been busy lately with college, homework, fetish sessions, etc. I have still had time to play and enjoy myself. I adore shopping and buying sexy/cute outfits that make men smile and wave hello with that freaky grin on their face as they ride the train to work. My new schedule will mostly be from 5pm to 10pm M-F. I am basically putting my brain in total overdrive but, still keeping a mental flower.Its funny to me the things I think about while smoking Newport100s and Green420s. I am thinking about starting to do a bit of YOGA since I naturally love to learn new things and want to be further enlightened.

Well first let me tell you about my steamy sessions with my devoted Foot Lover. He has been so loving, obedient, and a generous inspiration to Me. He worships My feet like they are the most precious of diamonds. His knowledge of Business & Arts is very appealing. He seems shy but also friendly and sensitive to my needs. I was very curious to see more of him and to know what makes him drool. He is truly a lover of beautiful female feet.

I can see his obvious views on Black Female Supremacy in his favorite music choices of Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, MC Lyte, Angie Stone, Chaka Khan, & Mary J.Blige (all my faves too). He has all of Mary J.Blige’s albums! The most appealing is his professional upscale tone of voice, his expensive suits, and the fat that he is a brother. My feet and toes are like his new favorite foods. He licked, sucked, smelled, and pampered my feet to a Queening that he well deserved. It pleases me to know that he enjoyed me dominating his face as my throne. Everytime his tongue makes love to my feet…I blush like I’m being tickled. My sessions with him are so intense that his Foot-gasms seem to increase in load.

As I got out the shower and he gazed in at me, I could tell from his stiffening pants that my wet look nearly intoxicted him. He became even more visibly erect through his pants while I dried my hair & body. I could tell that he wanted to sniff & taste my sweet glory. It’s a total turn on for me to be sniffed by a man with a fetish. So go ahead baby and sniff all that sweet goodness. Reminds me of this guy I used to know with an Armpit Fetish who loved to “scratch+sniff ” my pits. LMAO. When I saw how turned on it made him, I felt like I was addicted to his fetish as well and wanted him to sniff more! I guess my own fetish is to see the passion + lust of another persons kinky fetish. Anyway I love my Foot Playmate who is a true foot worshiper. When his cock drools and he is at the edge of screaming, this is when my cunt gets wet. Finally a fetish playmate that can keep up with My desires.


*Updated My Clips4Sale store.
*Working on Blog/Site upgrades.
*Designing new Foot Worship Site.
*This week session times M-F 6pm-10pm.

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Aug 312009

I was nervous about starting classes and just eager to start going to know what my schedule would be like. Now since I have started classes I will not be available during the morning times from Monday-Friday. I will only be available after about 4 or 5pm. My weekends are still free so I look forward to having some more sweet tasty Foot Fetish fun. I can’t describe how great it feels to have you toes worshiped and sucked by a true foot lover. I am also looking forward to going to a hot Foot Fetish Party that I keep hearing about and that I have seen advertised on several sites. I have already been invited by a nice guy who is hoping that he can accompany me to the party and be my most beloved foot worshiper. I will definitely have to be dressed as cute as a button to melt the hearts of all the new foot friends that I hope to make.I also hope to have a new pair of the sexiest most mouth watering sandals on for my foot worshiper to lick my toes through. LOL.

I was really looking forward to having some fun and prosperous times with the “SugarFootGirls Co.” but, it does not seem like I will be working with that “manager” anymore. I am sad about this change and was hoping to keep my traveling arrangements to the Bronx location. I guess that some things are just not meant to be and I am not sure how this will affect my “foot friends” in the BX. I hate working with companies that have no intention of having you employed long term. I enjoy working with business minded entrepreneur-like people. This is also another reason why I prefer to work with females rather than males since they seem to be more reliable, dependable, and supportive. Don’t get me wrong about the company as if things went poorly, things were fine, but I just don’t think that a newly developed company was right for me.

Next, I am looking forward to doing a photo shoot with a popular fetish site that I think is so HOT!! I love connecting to people who indulge in various fetishes. I love learning new things and sucking everything up like a hungry sexual sponge. LOL. I may not have experienced every fetish that there is but, I am always open minded. I would love to meet or hookup with a goth girl with great glamour/makeup talents to darken my appearance. I have been thinking of trying to hook up with a independent confident Bi-lady. Women excite me and I love their kindness. I think that all women are beautiful no matter what size, shape, or color and deserve to be treated like Queens. Women are truly Goddesses compared to men since we have the gift to create life. I was also truly inspired and entertained by reading a bit of “Goddess Glory’s man Destroying” blog. I loved her Afro pictures!

Today, I met mature Bi-lady that captured me with her thrilling conversation, opinions, and her being 420 friendly. I longed for a 420 friendly partner that can be interested in me as a friend and much more. I am blessed to have met her and she was so…….sweet. We exchanged numbers and are supposed to meet again soon. Although she does not seem to be into any fetishes I still like her naturally dominant style.

My fun with her tonight reminded me of a recent fling that I had with a middle-aged Black+PR mixed guy. He is bald, muscular, fit, totally sexy. He makes my toes curl and my blood boil. Maybe it’s because of his mature appearance or quiet style. Whatever the case I found myself yearning for just a taste of him just to see what it was like. When I finally got my taste I think I became briefly addicted to his sensual dominant but yet submissive fetish style. He has a fetish for feet and armpits. LOL. It turned me on to have him sniffing and caressing so many parts that were like new virgins to his touch. It was very enjoyable to have him adoring my feet while we moaned in a sweet lust. He had the most amazing cock and I felt so tight & wet on this thickness. His hands seemed to make love to my body and worship every corner of me. We discussed doing cuckolding sessions with him as the bull and a generous sub male as the cuck. I told him that I would love to experience that and he told me that he had done something similar in the past. His experience was definitely a turn on.

I felt guilty because I am involved with someone but, the relationship now has much distance between us. I didn’t want to feel like I was abandoning someone that didn’t deserve it. Anyway, I explained this to my brief lover and he seemed to understand but, did not display too many emotions. His uncaring silent attitude left me feeling unsure and uncomfortable. There was little to no communication between us which seemed to be what he wanted. I don’t understand what happened or what other situations he might have been dealing with but he should have been a bit more caring. If he was at least the cool 420 smoking friend that I thought he was, he should have been able to talk to me and communicate his problems/desires. This is why I had to end my brief sensual fling with this arousing kinkster. My heart was breaking to lose another friend/playmate who shared so many interests with me to an unknown issue. Communication is always key!!!!!

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