Dec 242017

OMG – where have I been!


Its been quite a while since I’ve updated my little empire on the www (world wide web). This site has actually been down for about a year and just inactive for a few years. While I’ve had a host of  ‘life problems’ that have delayed my progress on the net; my hosting and domain providers have been unreliable. So I’ll probably be transferring to a more ‘all-in-one’ service like GoDaddy. Any other adult friendly DNS and Hosting recommendations are appreciated. Please do not recommend Yahoo for any services. 

From 2014 to 2017 this blog has missed out on some pretty cute pictures of me. My Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are more up-to-date. Maybe I’ll add a Gallery page to this blog? 

As far as events go, I haven’t been to many kink events lately (other than Avant-Garde in Midtown). I put a lot of things on the back-burner that I can’t wait to get back to – from foot fetish sessions to my clips4sale content. 

[FYI: I’m saddened to realize that has removed my profile, just as I’ve restarted … ah well, on to the next one.] This week I’ll be updating my links on this site and updating my niteflirt lines. 


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Aug 272013

NEW clips!

As a fan of the television show “WEEDS“, I am inspired to support smoking 420 for recreational use – not just medicinal. Sometimes there is nothing sexier than a beautiful person SMOKING, and green is healthy for the environment. Sensual inhales and exhales, enjoying the euphoria while putting some SEXY on your screen is what I crave. [Smoking Fetish]

This summer has flown by so quickly and I feel like I haven’t had the chance to show off my JEANS. My favorite pair of Jean Shorts and a tight t-shirt is what I wear on a casual day. Tight Jeans sinking into my crotch whenever I sit down, actually turns me on a little. I’m having dreams of wetting my jeans! [Jeans Fetish]

Juicy Luscious pepper Red LIPS. Beautiful Exotic blatina, Vanessa is a bit of a makeup addict with an obsession for the lovelier things in life. Most lipwear is easily enhanced with a bit of gloss. [Lipstick Fetish]

SMELLING and brushing my HAIR while you watch and sniff through your screen. Discussing my fetish with HAIR LOVERS who may share my enthusiasm for HAIR. [Hair Fetish]


Sensual. Seductive. Pantyhose Perversion. Erotic JOI for the Stocking Sniffers, Foot Worshipers, and Panty Lovers. Upskirt POV brings you beneath my STOCKINGS where you belong. Stroke while you sniff my worn nylons and devour my sensational scent! [Pantyhose/Stocking Fetish]

Inquiring about DOMINATION sessions?

I’m available this week in Brooklyn- NYC. Same day appointments are possible but, advanced booking is preferred. Fastest way to reach me is Email/Text.  Think you may be Blacklisted? …?.. email me and ASK.

Can’t wait to wear these to a PARTY!





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Jun 252013

I have taken a real interest in finding the perfect submissive cuck and since my boyfriend is curious as well, We are officially searching for cuckolding subs.
We prefer an experienced submissive/cuckold who is over 30yrs old, generous, laid-back, obedient, respectful, and genuine.  Watch Us Play as a voyeur and possibly more!  I love my sexuality, sensuality, and will control the session from all aspects.
I prefer a submissive rather than a cuck who isn’t truly submissive or typically cannot follow direction. I am disappointed in a majority of the responses that we have received because most of them are bullshitters or those who don’t follow-through. Tomorrow I will be blacklisting over a dozen wannabe cuckolds! LOL.
For those who have previously had a session with me or are booked for a session, I do now have a BBC open to cuckolding w/Me. The required Donation for a Total Cuck Experience is 300/hr, for this week only! I accept monetary tribute as well as most CC’s. If you can’t afford the tribute, then don’t bother contacting us. As always, WE DO NOT provide any illegal services so don’t ask. Send all booking inquiries to or call me directly. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!
Bullshitters, Timewasters, & Pic Collectors will be blocked/banned/blacklisted!
[This must be said since there were inquiries regarding this —->] Please note that My boyfriend is not and will not be a BBC for your wife/girlfriend ! – He is all mine! LOL… so no I will not share him with your wife (you’re lucky that I’m thoughtful enough to share with you as my cuck).

(Note: We are not swingers and do not swap).
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May 122013
This post is long overdue. I should have been updating since January.

My slave passed away this past January so, this devastated me and I’m still saddened by it. He was a huge part of my family and was my best friend. I was thinking about closing my blog, website, and everything..just shutting down shop but, since he was devoted to me in all things (including this blog and my clips4sale) -I decided to keep going.

R.I.P my devoted submissive, friend, & my heart.
Loving you always & forever. 

As far as doing real-time sessions, I no longer work at Pandoras Box Dungeon so, once again I’m independent. I’m still enrolled in college classes so, while I’m studying, doing homework, Midterms, & now taking Finals – I don’t have much time for sessions. I’m a real girl with a life outside of the kink world so, I have to manage my time accordingly. JUNE I will have full time for sessions (Now accepting CC for real-time sessions), video work, photoshoots, & more!

I’m usually addicted to Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr these days so you can find me there.
Don’t forget to check out my hot NEW gifs! 
Sometimes I’m in the mood for CAM SESSIONS through skype@PrincessD3light or GoogleChat.
And I accept Paypal, GreenDot, MGF,…
A few other NEW goodies: 
I was curious and wanted to know what it smelled like.
Should I have licked it? 
Email **
Others available as well (heels, boots, socks, etc)

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Nov 052009

I like knowing that others enjoy my site and have subscribed. Several people have emailed Me or called and complimented me on my blogsite. (*thanks*) While I appreciate the emails/calls that compliment Me and My blog, it’s better for you to just leave a comment. Don’t be shy! We both know that you being shy would be a waste of time, since I will eventually see you on your knees naked. I have also updated the comment section to allow an extra option now.

I would love to take more FOOT SESSIONS during the week but, I am too busy with college classes & personal life. Therefore, during the week I will only offer Webcam Fetish sessions. If I do be I can host Friday pm – Sunday am, in the BX Queeens. If you have called me for a session “during the week”, I would advise you to call me Thursday or Friday evening to make an appt with me. I only offer Fetish/BDSM sessions which does not include any illegal services, so don’t ask! if we meet and have fun, I might decide to keep you as a personal playmate or servant! Tributes for a real-time meeting with Me are $80-30min and $140-60min. This is mainly for foot fetish and worship but, it also includes: smoking fetish, spanking, Humiliation, Feminization, Human Furniture, Boot Worship, & Smell/Scent fetishes.

If you are a sock, nylon, or panty sniffer then I would be glad to give you the panties or socks that I may have worn today. If you aren’t in my area and want to buy my sweet socks/undies then email me at (2 pairs/$40) .

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Nov 012009

Mr.FlyD said he saw my status on myspace and wanted to see Me. Seeing my young handsome chocolate FOOT LOVER for the first time since our cam sessions was very intoxicating. He was about 5’7″, very muscular, young, handsome, gentle, and respectful. He was so charming and somewhat different than other subs that may visit Me. He was not a submissive but, just a guy that loves pretty women’s feet . He did whatever I asked him to do without question and I enjoyed rubbing on his strong muscles. I told him that he was so sexy that I definitely wanted to keep him. On a scale of 1 to 10, I ranked his sexiness as a 10.

I told him to take his shoes off and get comfortable. I asked him if he had any other fetishes and he said no. He massaged my feet and lotioned them very nicely. I thought that the lotions was a bit different, since most foot fetishists like a natural smelly foot. I loved his strong massaging hands on my feet. He complimented me on how pretty my feet were and then he started tasting my toes. I was so aroused that I thought I felt my panties getting moist.

He continued to lick, suck, and caress my toes and soles. He was so sensual and strong that I felt like he was making love to my feet. I wanted to masturbate while looking at his sexy body that was so close to mine, and so close to my feet. I could see his cock hardening in his pants every time I spread and wiggled my toes. It excites me so much to watch as a man’s cock hardens and his mouth drools for the sweet taste of me. Just thinking of a drooling, hard, and obedient cock makes me so hot.

Since he was already a worthy foot lover and has already supported my online $tuff, I offered him a special treat with my feet. I told him that I wanted him to squirt his load all over my feet. He promptly dropped his pants at my request and revealed his erection. I teased his throbbing erection with my feet and then told him to fuck my pretty soles. He quickly obliged and fucked my sexy soft soles until his cock drooled. Then he admitted that this was his 3rd FJ ever but, I think he was so good at it and my flexible feet helped a lot. Soon he squirted a thick massive load that made me smile. It was so exciting and arousing to see his load covering my feet.

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Oct 282009
Below is part 2 of my PIC GALLERY, various fetishes.
I have pictures of Me smoking, teasing, degrading, & my feet.
This gallery does not include the PTV pictures that are for sale in my Images4Sale store.
I will be adding to this gallery on a regular basis so subscribe to my blog to stay updated on all my stuff. I know that all of my kinky online peeps will love this gallery. xoxoxo

Click here to subscribe now!

Follow me on Twitter!

*Click on the image to view the larger version.*






Much more to be added…I’m not done yet.

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Oct 212009

I’ve been studying for Midterms so my time has been very limited. I have found some time to chat with a few generous submissive men who are interested in spoiling me on a weekly basis. This weekend I went shopping and got a few things which totaled to about $300. I still didn’t get everything I wanted and have a bunch more on my list. My sister and I went shopping but, we had so many bags that all we could think about was having a “personal bag-boy”. We wanted to use some submissive male who likes watching women shop for shoes and clothes. We want him to carry all of Our bags or most of them so that We can shop more and not have to strain with heavy bags. If there is a bag-boy who is willing to walk around and go shopping with us to carry all the bags, email me: No wimps with zero muscles because you must be able to carry at least 10-15bags!

Anyway, I love my new hair style and I think it looks so cute! My BFF did my hair for me and she is the best stylist I know next to my Braider. I have made this new pic my main pic on my myspace profile. I am on Myspace a lot more often now since I am meeting more & more D/s friends. My pictures are getting a ton of comments and I adore the attention. My Myspace page is at and usually I only add those who are D/s, fetish, and 25yrs+. I also have a Youtube page if you want to check out my previews and addme there. Here are a few new pictures I using my webcam. Like?



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Sep 232009

I took a few new pictures of myself with a new hairstyle. Might take a few more later but I have a ton of homework to do. I wanted to blog about a total woman hating jerk that was in one of my classes. He seemed to believe that most women if not all are uneducated, use their body/looks to get everything, and are mainly gold diggers. I was so heated about this guys opinions but, I think he has a ton of other insecurities and possibly psycological problems. I also wanted to twit-a-pic of some weird girl that was staring at me in class today and almost seemed to follow me. Totally weird. LOL. I updated the ‘Main Pic Gallery’ today but, I still have a lot more to add. Guess that will have to wait until tomorrow but, anyway here are my pics.



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Sep 182009

My Fetish Clip$:
$2.99 (2 mins)

A nice clip of me lotioning my feet in my bed and
getting aroused more and more.
Fantasizing about a handsome foot guy licking,
caressing, & pampering my feet.

Buy w/C4S
Buy w/AlertPay(coming soon)

$2.99 (2 mins)

Check out this hot sexy clip of me doing some
late night smoking showing my pretty feet.

I look sweet enough to eat in my sexy tight outfit.
Wanna Taste?

Buy w/C4SBuy w/AlertPay(coming soon)
$4.99 (4 mins)

Tasty Young FemDom sock tease will have you rubbing your
horny cock and awaiting My instructions for your masturbation
play. I love making your cock drool over My tall knee high socks.
Cum get a taste of this sexy Ebony Foot fetish Mistress

Buy w/C4S Buy w/NF – Buy w/AlertPay(coming soon)

$2.99 (2 mins)

Watch this video of Me at home being pretty and showing
off my sexy legs, feet, and toes. I love teasing you with all my
sexy assets and size 10 Goddess feet. Worship my high arches
and soft soles…perfect for licking.

Buy w/C4S
Buy w/NFBuy w/CC(coming soon)

$9.99 (9 mins)

Watch this clip of me smoking a cigarette looking sexy.

Inhale Exhale….mmm soo good.
I know you wish you could inhale my smoke.

Buy w/C4S Buy w/NFBuy w/AlertPay(coming soon)

…..more to be added soon…..
Get more at my clips4sale store.
Plus follow me on twitter…..xoxo.

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