Jul 022013

Well after BLOGGER announced the removal of all ADULT BLOGS, which gave me only 3 days to transfer all my content, I am finally transferred over to WordPress now. It took me a few days to transfer this site and 3 others, from blogger to wordpress, but I’m sure its well worth it. I am still revamping this site so, be patient.

As far as SESSIONS go, I am completely fed up with time-wasters and cancellations, so starting TODAY – I will require a deposit for ALL sessions!! No Exceptions. Deposits can be paid via Niteflirt, C4S Tribute, Payoneer (soon), MGF, Amazon GC, and all major CC’s. [Deposit for Foot/Smoking Sessions= $20. Other BDSM =$40.]

I am adding new videos to my c4s: Ass Worship, Foot Fetish (FJ), ..

Bootylucious BiTCH


My Panty Blog will be fully up & running this week. From there you will be able to make all Worn/Fetish item purchases. I am still working on Panty Orders so, if you emailed me — your order is in progress. Panties are in the juicing process…

I am a very busy bee so, be patient as I do 90% of my updates, orders, etc… without a team or paying someone for the job.

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Apr 152011

It is so funny how quick a fixation can be created when someone is making you do something. Initially I was nervous and slightly turned off on the thought of a seemingly vanilla man dominating me for his own pleasure. When I actually saw him for the first time he was in pretty good shape and was very well spoken. He was a tall middle-aged business man with sparkling blue eyes and short blond hair. He wore a button down shirt, dress pants, and a perfect pair shoes. His corporate/formal attire made me curious as to how he thought he could dominate me. What did he have in mind to do to me? What was this fantasy he was trying to fulfill?
When he asked me what are my limits or experience, I told him that I am a light to medium (bottom/masochist). I also told him that I have been flogged, caned, paddled, spanked, light whipping, and a few other light activities as a switch (sub). I told him that we could play from light to medium but not heavy since I did not want any markings. He was very charming and polite and complimented me on how beautiful I was; so I found myself wearing a small grin throughout this session.
I walked into the room wearing a lace lingerie  that was fitted with a collar and my 6 inch black heels. I must admit, I enjoyed how I looked in this outfit and felt a bit narcissistic. Watching him watch me made me curious as to what his real intentions were behind those blue eyes. I pick out a few toys (floggers, paddles, crops, tickler) for him to use on me and after he inspected them, we began our session.
He told me to start taking his shoes off and then proceed to assist him with his shirt. I felt like this was almost a new experience for me. I really was not used to serving a man in this way and waiting on his orders, while trying to follow his direction. After I took off his shoes he said, “Now start unbuttoning my shirt and then take my shirt off”. Watching him standing above me while I was on my knees made me anxious.
His voice and the tones he used with me were gentle but very strict. The slight humiliation and fear of displeasing him made me like his attitude even more. It was great! I never felt so exhilarated and alive. I wanted to be his slut, his obedient slave girl/pet. He owned me in this moment and would use me and do with me as he pleased.
With his shirt off and his chest exposed, I started to feel very warm. He told me to take my lace dress off and I did, leaving me in my two pieces of undergarment. He flogged me lightly and then started to use the crop which aroused me even further. I loved the sting of the crop hitting my soft bottom. I never thought that there could be a man like him with such a huge cock to be my Dominant. When he pulled finally pulled his pants down and revealed his semi-hard cock, I must admit that I was surprised to see that it was fairly large in size. I was on my knees complimenting his cock as he ordered and then we exchanged some dirty words. I could smell his cologne when he got close to me and I felt myself getting nervous because I didn’t want to start getting wet panties. When he made me dance for him to some music I was surprisingly happy in doing it. He was very respectful and friendly from the beginning of our session right until the end. This session was a lot of fun and gave me a lot of new ideas to explore.

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Jul 142010

he buys Me whatever I want.
he worships Me endlessly.
he knows his place at My feet.
he entices My inner beast.
he spoils Me rotten like green eggs & ham.

I claim his heart as my property.
I control him with my beauty.
I love his devotion, obedience, & affection.
Using his flesh as my canvas is a delight.

I use him as my slut, pig, & personal zombie. lol.
I think his new name should either be:
or maybe I will be merciful & change it to badboycuck !

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Nov 182009

I took a few FOOT pics of a friend of mine named Natalie.
She is a BBW girl that loves to indulge in vanilla, kink, & fetish activities.
Her personality is very sweet yet submissive. She is Master R.O.’s new sub girl.
She is also a bit of a ‘switch’ since she laughs at the opportunity to slap and spit in a submissive mans’ face. I like her attitude and we get along very well. I took a few pix of her feet after she got a nice pedi.



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