Sep 182009

I have not been having much time lately and have been dominated by my classes, homework, and family life. Things have been quiet in a way and time seems to be flying by and before you know it the whole day is gone. I guess it is also because of the change in weather from hot sunny days to chilly mornings. I have also been shopping more & more since the summer is basically done. I plan on getting a pair of lady ‘Timberland‘ boots. I might have to order my boots from since I want a tall custom pair. Here is what I want them to look like ($190):

I am also still working on upgrading my site which would have been done by now if it wasn’t for the poor service/assistance of “Hostway”. I am on a search for better and more reliable hosting since I find the Hostway company completely unreliable and unprofessional. I have seen that a few other sites are using WordPress and being hosted by GoDaddy, PowWeb, and alternately PhatServers. I do plan on using wordpress since it has more flexibility than blogger plus a bunch of other cool add-ins. I love designing my own graphics,icons,etc.The thought of building my site through Frontpage has crossed my mind but I want it to look sharper and more girly-tech without looking blurred as I have seen with “other” domme sites. Some sites/blogs have really caught my attention although I like a more natural human-run site/blog not run by bots!
Anyway, I have been uploading some new video clips of me and my sexy feet to Clips4Sale. I will soon be making other clips for armpit fetish, bubble gum, boot fetish, panty fetish, findom, crush, & masturbation instruction. If you want a custom fetish clip just send me an email with your request to

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