Oct 272009

Over the weekend I met this cute older foot sub who made be blush and laugh at his weakness. I truly enjoyed dominating him with my feet and ruling his 10 inch white cock. This white male sub was handsome, fit, and he had some impressive cockmeat. He complimented me on how pretty I was and then he told me that my feet are so beautiful. I was amazed by his various tattoos and could see that he could definitely take a good deal of pain. His fetish was dirty feet so I made sure to walk around for a few minutes barefoot and get my soles dirty. He enjoyed the sound of my sweet voice telling him how nasty my soles were becoming. The idea of my feet just being filthy and him licking them clean just turned him on. He was so aroused by my pretty feet walking around the room picking up dirt. Then when I sat down in my denim skirt and showed him my soles, I looked down at his exposed cock that was drooling. I then commanded him to lick all the dirt off my feet as if he had made a mess that needed to be cleaned. I also commanded him to jerk his cock and make it drool until I told him otherwise. He began to jerk his hard throbbing cock while he was on his knees and my feet were on his face. I thought of how horny he was and called him My “Dirty little Foot Bitch”. He licked my dirty soles and toes like it was the most delicious snack ever. I used my fight foot to play with his fat balls and bounce them, something like a light kicking sensation that made his cock drool more. I scolded him and told him to make that cock drool before I take my precious dirty soles away from him. He followed my orders with an adoring obedient tone that showed his lust increase as he jerked his drooling cock for my pleasure. He asked me if he could serve as my dirty foot slave and I told him yes.
When he finally showed me the extent of his drooling cock and it’s hard 10 inches, I saw it looking nicely shined with drool. I gave him permission to cum and then he proceeded to jerk and say, “Yes, Goddess. Urrgh…here it cums Princess…uuu”!! I said, “yes make that cock squirt hard” and I saw him take 5 long cum-spurts. Then I was pleased with my ‘dirty foot slut’ as my feet slid off his face. Then he told me how he had saw my site and he said he enjoyed it. We talked for a few and he offered himself to me in any ways I might need. I told him I wanted to take a picture of him with my feet over his face. Here are some pics below. Enjoy!

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  3 Responses to “My dirty FOOT LICKING bitch!”

  1. Wow, this slave must be in heaven, to get to smell your perfect feet, wow id be in heaven for the perfect scent of your soles

  2. Man im still so jealous he got a chance to lick your dirty soles clean )_)

  3. I would have loved to lick your beautiful dirty feet clean and be kicked in the balls by you Mistress. Your feet are sooo pretty and I wish that I could wake up everyday with them in my mouth or on my face. I want to breath the smell of your beautiful feet.

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