Jun 202009

I love being adored and having pathetic slaves at My heels. It also doesn’t hurt to have a sugar daddy to take Me on a few shopping sprees, while he watches Me spend his hard earned cash. I love receiving gift certificates and cash from My pay pigs. I have a treat for My pay piggie that will soon lick My pretty shoes clean. Here are some pics I took today with My casual black boots on. If you like it then pay tribute and maybe you will get to lick them clean.

For My entertainment I enjoy having slaves adore Me and spend their cash on Me. I enjoy humiliating you while you send Me pictures of your pathetic loser cock. Tiny cocks could never please a girl like Me because I like a big hard cock that can squirt like a real man….meaning a LOSER cock can do nothing for Me. LOL. I enjoyed humiliating My new pet and having him send Me a pic of his small cock aftr I wallet raped him like My little slut bitch. Get’s My cunt wet thinking about spending Losers money while they worship a true Princess like Me.

I love Sugar Daddies because they know how to spoil their sugar babbies.
My new Sugar Daddy is a real nice guy and I like him because he is 100% real and no BS.
I can’t stand bullshitters and fakers…male or female. I am real and all you will get is real here so if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen. I’m a college girl that loves to chill, smoke, shop, cook, and boss people around all day. LOL. Here is a gift that My Sugar Daddy has paid for from Victoria’s Secret. Like it?

What do I tell wannabe slaves? Pay Up or Shut Up!
If you are not talking dollars then it don’t make cents. LOL.

If you are getting turned on thinking about licking My boots or worshipping My ass then you need to pay the appropriate Wanker Tax! Pay up Loser. Cash or Gift Certificate!
Send Gift cards to my email @ sensualdelight1@gmail.com.
Here are a few gift cards to start with so start spending to spoil your hot Princess!


Take a look at this short funny Foot Hypnosis clip I made!
I know all you kinky foot slaves will love this!

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