Jun 222013

As you may know, after the “mid-life-sabbatical” that I took, I am finally doing real-time SESSIONS again. I am certainly enjoying the calls and fantasies I’ve been receiving. However, I do have quite a few time-wasters and novices who could do better in terms of contacting me. I must admit that I was shocked to find that quite a few people read my blog so, I’m glad I kept it running and I appreciate my viewers.
Now down to some serious stuff: I do not discuss sessions in detail over the phone/email/text. For those calling or emailing me to inquire about sessions, please remember –NO EXPLICIT LANGUAGE! Do not call to ask me if I do: GS, BS, Strap-On, or Foot Jobs! <---- I do not provide any illegal services.
Now that we’re past that: Let me say that it is extremely annoying to have a client call, not know exactly what they want but try to extend into a long and empty conversation. If you want ROLEPLAY but are unsure of the “scene”, I can suggest some for you – Otherwise, call back when you can speak like an adult (or at least a reasonable client).
Lastly: I appreciate every session or experience I have with clients/submissives but, I did have a session with a client recently that was a bit disappointing. He was a young handsome Foot Worshiper, who initially wanted to serve as a subservient foot_slave and was well trained. We didn’t go into much detail over the phone but, upon meeting him at first sight – I was already pleased with his obedience. He described tales of his trainings which gave me some ideas of what he liked but, we were in a hotel (not a dungeon). Therein was the issue of giving him “subservient errands” since there was only one room at our disposal. At the dungeon I could have had him cleaning my collection of heels or every mirror in the Chinese Torture Room. However in a hotel, we were limited to the things I had with me and what was in the room. Then with a simple Orgasm Denial Game, he erupted and six thick long spurts of his jizz landed on his face. My point is that sometimes I appreciate a session that can keep me entertained and not every “wannabe houseboy w/limits” can light my fire.
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Sadly, I know I have missed some calls this and yesterday in the early morning. My phone was ringing off the hook but The Goddess was asleep until noonish, working late hours makes for extra beauty rest in the A.M. Best times to reach out to me are between 1pm and 2am. I can also respond to texts faster but, if your grammar sucks – don’t bother. LOL.
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