Mar 292011

Well I have been able to have a small amount of fun lately, mostly due to a hectic schedule. College classes seem to suck away all my free time. This is Midterm time now which means lots of studying and preparation. So far, I have taken 3 out of 4 Midterms, passed one, and waiting on the results of the other two. I love college but it’s not easy.
Unfortunately, trying to keep up with my vanilla life has put a slow-down on my kinky lifestyle pursuits. I have missed a few fetish and gothic/alternative parties. A few good parties that I missed are: Subspace, Vendetta, Stimulate, Avant-Garde, and various TES meetings. The only good thing about missing some of these events and/or workshops is that they are monthly, so I can always catch them next month. A few upcoming parties that have struck my interest are:

    • Absolution [ April 9. 11:30pm ]
    • Evolution [ April 10. 7pm ]
    • STIMULATE [ April 16. 9pm ]
    • Dracula’s Ball [ April 23. 9pm ]

Beyond everything else, I have had time for a photoshoot which, made me really happy. I love expanding my modeling portfolio with different styles. The pictures came out beautiful and I cant wait for my next photoshoot.  =) I’m always seeking to expand my wardrobe so there are tons of new shoes, outfits, and accessories that I try to “Wishlist” and wear to certain events. I do have a lot given to me and I do get pampered but, I’m also a hard working independent woman so, I either take or accept your gifts (never begging as certain other NEW femdoms or “internet dommes” have done. Example: In a Yahoo HumanATM group a new “domme” was sending messages that appeared to be some form of “begging”, to slaves for a form of tribute. It was pathetic and showed inexperience or a complete fake). Any slave that wishes to adore me may buy something from my wishlist or visit my c4s store.
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For those of you who may be viewing this blog/post, DO NOT steal my stuff! I work hard for this content and my images are mine. Be creative without stealing someone else’s hard works. =)

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