❤ ❤The Full Swap & Switch ❤ ❤

My Blatino Papi in the BX invited me over for some 420 fun. When I go there he was already telling me to get myself together because, he wanted me to go somewhere with him. I didn’t know where he wanted to go but, I took a nice relaxing shower to wash away the “subway” feeling. Then he told me that we were going to meet a couple that lived a few blocks away. I just couldn’t wait to smoke some 420 and have a drink. I was already stressed by my blatino’s lateness since he had me waiting. (Butthead!)

When we went to meet the couple a few blocks away, I was thinking about how they looked. The guy met us outside of his building and gave us a nice greeting. he really made us feel welcome. The guy seemed very fit and muscular. He was about 5′ 7″,Brown complexion,and a low hair cut. Physically I found him attractive and his spanish was a total turn on. When the “Brown skinned Papi” introduced us to his lady, I could see she was a beautiful young milf. She was latin and had long hair, a bald kitty, nice boobs. She was wearing a cherry pajama shirt and naked from the waist down underneath her blanket. Everyone was 420 friendly so, we had a few blunts rotating.

“Brown papi” and his lady seemed like any other normal couple and were fun to be around. The couple had done this a few times before…swinging/swapping. We listened to some music videos, watched porn, and drank Smirnoff. I enjoyed being around other 420 smokers and smoking good KUSH. I was sooo bent! LOL.
I sat next to “Cherry” on the day bed and we talked about Pitbull’s music video – “Hotel”. I started to caress and tickle her thigh underneath the blanket when I realized that she wasn’t wearing any underwear! She seemed a little shy but, we clicked and I liked her personality. She was a bit submissive compared to her Dominant BrownPapi and her words suggested that all her holes were his property.

A few minutes after I touched her thigh and leg, her papi came around with his cock pulled out for her. She began sucking his cock and he removed the blanket to reveal her pretty bald cunt. I touched it and started kissing her thighs. Then My blatino papi sat behind me kissing my neck and he encouraged me to taste her cunt. I started licking and sucking her cunt that tasted like candy on my tongue. She was sucking her papi’s cock while I ate her juicy pussy. She was moaning and moving her hips around as I licked her wet clit. My “Blatino Papi” was undressing me from the waist down while I slurped her pretty spanish pussy. Once my bottom was naked he began to rub my clit and my ass. Then I turned to see his cock standing hard and long so, I started sucking him. Then all of a sudden I felt a wet tongue sliding up and down my pussy. I was so wet and turned on with all the sex in the air. The dominant BrownPapiwas done getting his cock sucked by “Cherry” and decided to taste my cunt. He licked and tongued my pussy until I was nearly shivering on his tongue. While he was eating my cunt, my BlatinoPapi was fucking “Cherry” doggystyle; at this point it was a full swap! I could tell he was enjoying her cunt and could see how hard his dick was. I wanted him to make her cum.

(………..to be continued……..more to cum).

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