:: About Me ::


My name is Mistress  Vanessa.

Addressing Me as Goddess, Mistress, or Princess is acceptable.

A petite Blatina Goddess with an stunning figure, and natural beauty. I have been in the scene for over 6 years, from distance domination and real time sessions to fetish film and modeling. As a muse I love to inspire through tease and denial, bringing you to the edge of ecstasy and back down again. Worship me, beg me to stop, I won’t. I prefer my slaves, sluts, sissy boys All to be attentive, obedient and prepared. I require notice for any specifics desired in a session, this includes, attire. I am Sensual, Sadistic and a fast learner.  By nature, I am a sensual Dominant who loves to build you up and break you down.

I am a sensual Dominant by nature. I crave your humble submission, and seek to gain what I can out of your use. Please me, and you shall find yourself exhilarated, and taken to places you only once dreamt of discovering. I will push your limits, I will expand your mind, body, and soul’s tolerances, fantasies, and cravings.

If I allow you to serve, it’s not because I need you to. It’s because I enjoy having you do it and your humiliation amuses me. I love to mold My slaves from the beginning and have them submit completely to My will.Currently I’m an independent professional dominant. I will NOT under any circumstances tolerate disobedience or disrespect.

I consider myself to be a lifestyle and professional Domme. I believe in Female Supremacy and love expressing my PERSONAL freedom with a narcisstic view. I love sharing videos of my #NSFW thoughts, ideas, How-to’s, and rants. I love shopping, web design, blogging, movies, music, cooking, Goth/alt style, makeup, and BDSM/fetish PARTIES . I love fetish parties and meeting new ALT friends.



:: Personal Stats ::

Nationality: African American & Latina.

Age: mid 20s

Eye Color: Brown

Sign: Scorpio

Body Art: 1 tattoo, 1 belly piercing.

Weight: 150lbs   Height: 5ft7

Shoe size: 10-10 1/2


Body type: Tall & Petite

Location: USA

Occupation: Student, Model, Fetish Performer, Professional Dominatrix