His armpit fetish

The weather forecast says that the humidity will be high, and the temperature is in the mid 80’s. It’s hot outside and as I try to avoid tanning, SPF does not stop your armpits from sweating! HA HA! I’m having a hard time cooling down this summer. As I admire my sexy tight t-shirt wrapping perfectly around my boobs, I notice that the ARMPIT of my shirt has sweat stains! eww! Well now all I need is a deviant with a fetish for my smelly pits.

Reminiscing about a past summer fling with an armpit fetishist – a man who loved a natural scented woman – adoration for pits with no deodorant. He loved it when I had been sweating for a few hours and then come to see him, teasing him with armpits fanning my delicious funk . My sweaty smelly beautiful FEET turns him on, and he loves sniffing me from armpit to sole. After a few minutes he is overcome with lust and can only caress My smelly pits with his nose. The sweat from my PITS covering his nose and making his cock rock hard.

And the rest is a kinky porn story – for my memories only.



Armpit Fetish [5min -$6.99]

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