I’ve noticed a certain foot fan, whose been showing me love on various sites. He’s followed me with so many comments and adoring compliments. Our brief discussions have given me bits of valuable inspiration. It puts my mind at ease knowing that this “Foot Connoisseur” appreciates all the effort that goes into Independent Fetish Films.

It does take a certain amount of work and effort to make suitable clips to sell. Especially since I’m a “one woman team” most of the time. I actually always take at least an hour to do my hair & makeup. I don’t have a maid so most cleaning might need to be done by me; I’m the one who has to prep the set before filming. Sometimes if you want something done right then you’ve got to do it yourself!

Most of my videos are not Dungeon Fetish Styled, but rather closer to  “Independent Kinky Lifestyle Femdom POVs“. I’m not exactly a wordsmith with terms and I prefer the creativity that comes with branding my own “terms”. A good example is Tamar (of ‘Tamar & Vince’), who is known to say things like “Get Your Life” or “SheIsTheBest.com”. I guess some words that best describe me are: Bratty, Urban, MILF, Sassy, College Geek, Kinky, Independent, Sugar-Filled (SB).

Anyway my session with my adoring Foot Fan was tons of fun! He was tall, fit, handsome, “blue-collared”, huge BBC, very accommodating, and a good conversationalist. Once I took my toes out and gave him a quick sniff, he couldn’t get enough of my pretty feet. Sniffing my soles and sucking my toes, I could see his cock throbbing through his pants. As I continued to chat with him, while my toes were deep in his mouth, we discussed my kinky beginnings.

As I lay comfortably smoking a cigarette and drinking a glass of Jack Daniels, he continued to worship my feet. Once I was laying on my tummy in my blouse and panties, with my feet in the air, I felt like a total BRAT. Even dirtier thoughts ran through my mind as I felt my feet pampered with his tongue. After I laid eyes on his massive cock size I couldn’t stop blushing. I knew I was teasing him and I loved every minute of it. Despite his massive size, the way he fucked my SOLES & TOES was heavenly. He fucked my feet at least 2 or 3 times, followed by 2 massive squirting loads! I was very pleased.


Foot Fetish Model Vanessa
“I have worshiped woman as the living embodiment of the spirit of service and sacrifice”. ~~Mahatma Gandhi



I had a wonderful session with a cute Asian sub who said he was into Smoking Fetishes. He requested that I wear a pair of high heeled boots, so I wore a shiny pair with a sexy pencil skirt, a pvc waist cincher, and a tight fitted button-up blouse. Once I secured the room for the session, I directed him to my location. I was pleased by his subservient demeanor and his generosity. 

He seemed a it shy but, things warmed up when he sat at my feet to practice lighting my cigarette . He couldn’t strike a match or didn’t know how, but lucky for him that I’m a  good teacher. I guess he did have a certain “boyish innocence” about him. He seemed like a bit of a nerd with his glasses on but, I actually found it to be a turn-on.

As he helped me out of my Shiny Black Boots, I could feel my pantyhose sweating  – since I had my boots laced so tight, I was surprised to see them “run-free”.  He massaged my sweaty toes through my stockings, then I asked him “How do they smell”? He said, “Well  they’re a little smelly but they’re good”. I could tell he was enjoying my scent because My feet barely left his face. 

Then he asked about a pair of worn sneakers that were put to the side, “Are those Your sneakers? Can I smell them?” I gave him permission to sniff them and watched him sniff my sweaty dirty socks. He asked several questions about the types of sessions I have, complimented me on My Marketing Skills with my BLOG, and several other things. Honestly at some points I felt like I was doing a paid survey or an interview. Lots of questions but I totally enjoyed the conversation and it made me happy to know that there are those who actually READ MY BLOG. Currently I’m taking a few of his suggestions into consideration, as far as having my site reviewed and other Techy stuff. It feels good knowing that some readers are loyal, give feedback, and have been with me for years.




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Dont get it confused – Fulfillment is not a simple form of satisfaction. It goes a bit deeper and touches the boundaries of longevity. Some men are content with a moment of bliss and others prefer complete servitude. Lust certainly differs from Love – Fulfillment can’t be found without order. A Lifestyle Femdom can provide order to your chaos.

Sensual Domination with a mesmerizing voice, yummy panty peekage, beautiful long legs, & sweaty socks. Defining what true fulfillment means to me as a lifestyle.

Topics: Female Supremacy, Mental Domination, Panty Fetish, Socks, Toe Wiggling, Brat Girls, Ebony Foot Fetish, Sensual Domination,..


“FULFILLMENMT”:  13mins ($14.99) HD-720p


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Taking a moment to myself. Relaxing with good vibes, listening to music while SMOKING some 420. Showing off my tight mini dress, that wraps perfectly around my curves.. Bare legs, red lips, and a beautiful face. Inhales and Exhales with fluffy little clouds of smoke.  *For the SMOKING Enthusiasts*

“Brooklyn Sweets”: 2mins ($2.99)


I could rant and rave all day about what a disappointment men have turned out to be. In the end they are all like and are always in need of attention. They always find ways to considerably screw up the world as we know it. They can’t create life and most only know how to take life away. It’s a pathetic and sad existence men live in, since I believe that most of them will never truly be enlightened. All men are dicks and dicks come in all sizes, which doesn’t necessarily make one better than the other. I will laugh twice as hard at two dicks than I would at one. HA HA HA.

Topics: Humiliation, SPH, Cuckolding, ..

“men = pestilence”: 5mins ($6.99)


Humiliating you as I spit in your face – – Come get a taste and be My personal human SPITTOON!

“Spitting Practice”: 2mins ($2.99)


Paying another way? Email me: sensualdelight1@mail.com



The weather forecast says that the humidity will be high, and the temperature is in the mid 80’s. It’s hot outside and as I try to avoid tanning, SPF does not stop your armpits from sweating! HA HA! I’m having a hard time cooling down this summer. As I admire my sexy tight t-shirt wrapping perfectly around my boobs, I notice that the ARMPIT of my shirt has sweat stains! eww! Well now all I need is a deviant with a fetish for my smelly pits.

Reminiscing about a past summer fling with an armpit fetishist – a man who loved a natural scented woman – adoration for pits with no deodorant. He loved it when I had been sweating for a few hours and then come to see him, teasing him with armpits fanning my delicious funk . My sweaty smelly beautiful FEET turns him on, and he loves sniffing me from armpit to sole. After a few minutes he is overcome with lust and can only caress My smelly pits with his nose. The sweat from my PITS covering his nose and making his cock rock hard.

And the rest is a kinky porn story – for my memories only.



Armpit Fetish [5min -$6.99]

NEW clips!

As a fan of the television show “WEEDS“, I am inspired to support smoking 420 for recreational use – not just medicinal. Sometimes there is nothing sexier than a beautiful person SMOKING, and green is healthy for the environment. Sensual inhales and exhales, enjoying the euphoria while putting some SEXY on your screen is what I crave. [Smoking Fetish]
This summer has flown by so quickly and I feel like I haven’t had the chance to show off my JEANS. My favorite pair of Jean Shorts and a tight t-shirt is what I wear on a casual day. Tight Jeans sinking into my crotch whenever I sit down, actually turns me on a little. I’m having dreams of wetting my jeans! [Jeans Fetish]

Juicy Luscious pepper Red LIPS. Beautiful Exotic blatina, Vanessa is a bit of a makeup addict with an obsession for the lovelier things in life. Most lipwear is easily enhanced with a bit of gloss. [Lipstick Fetish]
SMELLING and brushing my HAIR while you watch and sniff through your screen. Discussing my fetish with HAIR LOVERS who may share my enthusiasm for HAIR. [Hair Fetish]

Sensual. Seductive. Pantyhose Perversion. Erotic JOI for the Stocking Sniffers, Foot Worshipers, and Panty Lovers. Upskirt POV brings you beneath my STOCKINGS where you belong. Stroke while you sniff my worn nylons and devour my sensational scent! [Pantyhose/Stocking Fetish]

Inquiring about DOMINATION sessions?

I’m available this week in Brooklyn- NYC. Same day appointments are possible but, advanced booking is preferred. Fastest way to reach me is Email/Text.  Think you may be Blacklisted? …?.. email me and ASK.

Can’t wait to wear these to a PARTY!





MsVanessa's Feet
Beautiful Blatina FEET ! ($6.99- 7mins)


Sweet and Sexy BLATINA Mistress loves teasing you with her juicy SOFT SOLES. Size 10 feet with cute wrinkled soles and pretty TOES. Sniff Sniff ..they might be a bit smelly but it’s better that way. Make sure you lick any TOE LINT you may find and suck these PRETTY FEET dry, because this sweet little Mistress wants to keep you as Her personal Foot Bitch and foot-slave. There is no escape from this FemDom Lady. Mesmerizing tones and instructions control you. OBEY!


Small Penis Humiliation
Mini-Dick Foot Humiliation ($12.99 – 8mins)


Watching sale after sale of My SPH, JOI, & CEI videos; smiling to myself about the reality of men with small cocks. Micro-weenie’s that crave a Cruel Beautiful Brat that loves controlling the fantasies of men and watching them squirm. A tiny leaky cock cant even begin to be compared to a BBC. Mini-Cock vs BBC=NoChanceInHELL. haha!


Cruel Bratty Ex-Girlfriend (HD) [$12.99 -8mins]

My new man is a famous rapper and you’re his biggest fan. I know you’re mad that I left you for the famous rapper BIG D. Remember he saw me shaking my sexy ass on the dance floor and he just snapped his fingers. I ran to him and left you in the middle of the club looking like a little bitch (laughter) I mean everybody knows you’re his biggest fan,so you should understand why I left you for him; I mean he’s so fine and his dick is HUGE! It’s ten times the size of yours sweety!

The reason why I’m telling you all this is because you can’t seem to get out his face, you always asking him for an autograph, sitting in between me and him; cock blocking, talking about your favorite rap songs from him and if you could go on tour with him. Really? -LOL! Even after he took me away from you, you want to go on tour with him and be a male groupie?

You just can’t seem to hop off his big dick can you? When he’s fucking me, you seem to be right there swinging from his balls. , I know that is big and all, but I don’t want you swinging on his balls while he’s fucking me (LOL) Let the man get some time alone with the Woman he stole from you, lol …


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Its easy to let yourself be used and controlled by a pair of beautiful FEET. A sweet alluring voice telling you the reality of your fantasies, while MIND FUCKING your ego into submission. Taste My pretty TOES & SOLES!

$2.99  |  WAV format  |  Buy @ELM

Well this week or these past few weeks hasn’t been all peaches n’ cream; so I try to take things one day at a time. If you’ve called me for a SESSION but couldn’t reach me, the best thing to do is: Leave a Voicemail or Send an Email.

CUSTOM VIDEOS are in progress!

It’s PEDI time again! Treat Goddess to a ‘SPA DAY’.

SPA Treat $$  MsV


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Back-In-The-Day (PrincessD3light)

*FOR SALE: $50*


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—> Title: Smelly Sneakers & Rotten Socks   Format:WMV      6mins ($5.99)

Sniff Sniff…. Something smells and I think its My sneakers! The temps are in the mid 80’s today so, it feels like 100 degrees in the sun. After a busy day on my FEET – back & forth – I’m ready to relax my TOES. Taking off My sneakers I smell a significant odor and soon realize that its My sneakers, with my SWEATY SOCKS rotting inside them! Tell me what smells worse – SNEAKERS or SOCKS??

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—>Title: Nosey BOOT bitch!   Format:MP4 (HD-1080p)  –>5mins ($5.99)


It’s a shame you aren’t worthy of the filth underneath My boots! My ankle length well-worn leather boots, pressing your face into the ground – hell of a fantasy huh. Ha Ha.

Well since you were caught spying on Me and tried to creep up on Me, I think a lesson has to be learned here! I don’t tolerate nosey whores who lick BOOT CRUST from the bottom of pretty girls boots. One filthy boot after another, your job as the BOOT WHORE will be to LICK THEM CLEAN! No exceptions. No excuses. Only Devotion & Servitude. Disobedience demands PUNISHMENT!

Coming home from a humid day in my casual LEATHER BOOTS and seeing your loser face gazing at my beauty…is the last thing I want to see. Get your beedy little eyes out of my face before I slap you into a new work week! Eyes to the ground slave and WORSHIP MY FILTHY BOOTS!

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