I ha a session with a client who was an older, well-mannered submissive, with a Smoking/Human Ashtray Fetish. I hosted in a small blue room in Brooklyn, which could have been better in a number of ways but, this client seemed okay with it. We did have complete privacy in this quiet room but, there was no fan or air-conditioning. So within minutes, the room was filled with a hard cigarette scent. Although the one window in the room was open, it barely made a difference because it was very humid outside.

I smoked about half a box of fresh Newport100s thst he brought for me. I enjoyed the quiet relaxing room and the foot massage he gave me. He enjoyed fixing his eyes on my inhales,exhales, and smoke clouds. He complimented me on my BEAUTY and My hair which he said was especially beautiful. He made me smile – I enjoyed him. I adored conversating with him, while I used his mouth as an ashtray for all My ashes & cigarette butts.

I must have excused Myself at least 2 or 3 times to go to the bathroom to vomit. On this day I’m not sure if it was the fact that I missed lunch or the humidity but, I felt a mysterious nausea that I hadn’t normally felt while smoking. I think the hot room with little air circulation was too much for me. After  or even between my periods of vomiting, I still managed to continue and complete the session. Afterwards, I had to rely on My boyfriend to get me to his bedroom, where I could pass out for a spell. No more hot rooms for Me – but I hope to see this client again.


NEW video **clip4sale**
[‘Sensual Smoke Time’ – $4.99]



I love Foot Fetish Sessions in the summertime. Hot weather makes getting your FEET smelly or sweaty, a lot easier! Although I must admit that my feet rarely get smelly or very smelly. I can certainly make my feet sweat but, IDK whats up with the “no-smell” factor. Its weird; a gift and a curse. Nevertheless, everyone likes to worship FEET differently; smelly, dirty, sweaty, ..even clean feet are preferred among some fetishists.


Please Note: If you’d like to book me at this time, the fastest way to contact me is via email/text. I respond back to my texts ASAP and I check my email daily. 
 Available for PAID PHOTOSHOOTS (very selective TF).


This past Saturday, I had my hands full with errands and a 4hour session with slave_Sheen. I was happy in a way to have a stress free mind for a few hours. Events lately have been somewhat stressful. Usually slave_Sheen is a form of a sissy-slave, because he performs household cleaning duties in maid attire; but in this session he barely did any cleaning  at all. This time around we had a lot more action.

I was dressed in a sexy black Body Shaper (TummySlimmer & ButtEnhancer), so my butt was exposed (like a “spanking skirt”). This cute little outfit was an underbust and had an opening in the crotch area. So I was wearing a black bra with my body shaper, and a pair of black suede high heels.

When he came through the door with my requested items (plus a delicious Italian dinner), he was delighted to finally see me in person again. As I instructed him to put the bags down on the counter, I watched as he came to his knees with My TRIBUTE in hand. He counted it out in bills of 20.

Every submissive is unique, having different needs and slave_Sheen usually needs a Sensual Dominant. Our greetings are usually a ‘heart warming  hug”, his hair running through My fingers – then with a fist full of his hair in My hands, I give it a tug and pull him to his knees. Typically he serves Me “hand & foot”, as a proper ‘house maid‘ should. I enjoy hearing him say that he has “never been used as a human chair in front of  over 100 people at a bar” – and that I was the first woman to ever do that to him. When he reminded me of that, it made me think about all the  kinky events I’ve been missing. Hopefully, I get to attend the Nocturnia party  on the 27th.

I love tying his cock and balls with My CBT rope, nice and tight so it keeps him erect. He mentioned a pair of sheer stockings so I put on a pair to tease his ‘ego’. I made him smell my feet through the stockings, allowing  him to caress my beautiful long legs in my pantyhose. Then I smothered his face with my ass, enjoying his deep inhales of My fresh pair of pantyhose and My sweet ass underneath.

After making him masturbate his well-oiled cock, for  My entertainment, while teasing and denying his attempts to orgasm – I wanted more. I wanted him to suffer a bit more. Tapping his tied balls and hard cock with My crop, I forced him to make his cock drool. I guess you can say it was a forced & denied orgasm. LOL. Watching him grind his teeth with his cock throbbing between his fingers, commanding him to keep stroking his erection.

Our finale consisted of me lubricating his man-hole for a small buttplug. I just broke his sweet ‘ass-virginity’ last month so, he’s still a bit sweet in the ass. After I eased in the small ass-plug, the next size up was much easier. My hard vibrating dildo went in with ease, as he moaned and begged for mercy. I relished his sweet ass under the control of My hard cock vibrating in his ass, louder & deeper. I made him lay on his back with the dildo  firmly up his ass, as I controlled the vibrations with My ass smothering his face. I told him, “Cum now and squirt hard! No small drops. Only hard deep spurts”!


I’m still offering FOOT WORSHIP & BDSM sessions in NYC (brooklyn/queens area).  However, OUTCALLS are available to those willing to make an advanced deposit for verification. Currently I will not consider most calls without some form of verification or confirmation, so if you book a session with me (over the phone or email) and are consequently a “no-call/no show” — I will blacklist you after the 48hr grace period. I think this is more than fair and is certainly necessary for me to avoid Time-Wasters, PhoneFreaks, & those seeking to “copycat Me”.

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PANTY FETISH? Meet me in person or wank to Me via webcam.

Currently I am not seeking any video slaves but, I am seeking slaves for the following positions:

  • Mani/Pedi
  • Social Networking/SEO nerd
  • BDSM Events 2nd
  • Personal Used Items slave 2nd
  • Fitness Guru sub

Contact me via email for requirements.

Now on to WHATs NEW:

NEW VIDEO!! “His 1st Footjob”.

New CLIPS4SALE video (& now on ELM for a 33% discount)!!

I’m finally on [ExtraLunchMoney.com] so now you can buy my videos, photo sets, used items, and other content there!


Calling all PHONE sluts!! New CONTENT added to my NF.

Call Button

Things I’m working on:

  • The “CutePantyBitch” store. (Note: Items that are not in the store can be requested but there will be a 42hr min. wait).
  • New videos in the c4s store.
  • Coming Soon: New Photoshoot update!
  • Calendar & Booking updates.


In the back of my mind:

  • Missing BDSM/Fetish Parties and Events.
  • Adding a WEBCAM/ONLINE sessions page. (For the various sites I occasionally webcam on).
  • Making specifics or specifying details/rules of FBSM sessions (since various callers are slightly confused).
  • Doing more PHOTOSHOOTS for the summer. Sometimes the weather is so lovely when it’s not brutal.
  • Joining a  weekly #NSFW meme.  Thoughts?


Added a new YOUTUBE  Teaser for summer 2013. Extreme Closeups. .

Booty Hydraulics…Ass Jiggling, Panty Fetish, & more coming soon.

$$$Bootylucious ::Ms.V:: TEASER!!!!!

__See full videos__ @clips4sale #30912.

Well after BLOGGER announced the removal of all ADULT BLOGS, which gave me only 3 days to transfer all my content, I am finally transferred over to WordPress now. It took me a few days to transfer this site and 3 others, from blogger to wordpress, but I’m sure its well worth it. I am still revamping this site so, be patient.

As far as SESSIONS go, I am completely fed up with time-wasters and cancellations, so starting TODAY – I will require a deposit for ALL sessions!! No Exceptions. Deposits can be paid via Niteflirt, C4S Tribute, Payoneer (soon), MGF, Amazon GC, and all major CC’s. [Deposit for Foot/Smoking Sessions= $20. Other BDSM =$40.]

I am adding new videos to my c4s: Ass Worship, Foot Fetish (FJ), ..

Bootylucious BiTCH


My Panty Blog will be fully up & running this week. From there you will be able to make all Worn/Fetish item purchases. I am still working on Panty Orders so, if you emailed me — your order is in progress. Panties are in the juicing process…

I am a very busy bee so, be patient as I do 90% of my updates, orders, etc… without a team or paying someone for the job.

I have taken a real interest in finding the perfect submissive cuck and since my boyfriend is curious as well, We are officially searching for cuckolding subs.
We prefer an experienced submissive/cuckold who is over 30yrs old, generous, laid-back, obedient, respectful, and genuine.  Watch Us Play as a voyeur and possibly more!  I love my sexuality, sensuality, and will control the session from all aspects.
I prefer a submissive rather than a cuck who isn’t truly submissive or typically cannot follow direction. I am disappointed in a majority of the responses that we have received because most of them are bullshitters or those who don’t follow-through. Tomorrow I will be blacklisting over a dozen wannabe cuckolds! LOL.
For those who have previously had a session with me or are booked for a session, I do now have a BBC open to cuckolding w/Me. The required Donation for a Total Cuck Experience is 300/hr, for this week only! I accept monetary tribute as well as most CC’s. If you can’t afford the tribute, then don’t bother contacting us. As always, WE DO NOT provide any illegal services so don’t ask. Send all booking inquiries to SheSaySoBBCnLite@gmail.com or call me directly. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!
Bullshitters, Timewasters, & Pic Collectors will be blocked/banned/blacklisted!
[This must be said since there were inquiries regarding this —->] Please note that My boyfriend is not and will not be a BBC for your wife/girlfriend ! – He is all mine! LOL… so no I will not share him with your wife (you’re lucky that I’m thoughtful enough to share with you as my cuck).

(Note: We are not swingers and do not swap).

—> Title: Make It Clap for DADDY!    Format:MP4   4mins ($5.99)

Daddy loves to record my BEAUTIFUL TATTOOED ASS, and this time he is really into it. He turns the station to a hot RUMP SHAKING tune and with a swift slap on the bum, he says “Shake that ASS for Daddy!” SO I make it clap, shake, bounce, & wiggle – just to make Daddy giggle. My hot little cherry SPANKED ASS patiently waits for Daddy to fill it with something stiff. All we need now is the perfect CUCKOLD to clean up the mess! Daddy and I are very selective in choosing the right CUCK for our potential ‘plaything’.

Salacious Summer SMOKE
—> Title: Salacious Smoking LIPS!   Format:MP4   7mins ($7.99)

Listening to one of my favorite songs and smoking a long Newport100 in my pretty Victoria Secret Panties. Showing off my lovely GLOSSY LIPS blowing smoke into your face. Sexy Smoke Clouds XOXO!

—> Title: Sweet Summer Tease    Format: MP4   (6mins: $6.99)

Beautiful weather. Beautiful Women. Beautiful ME…I love summertime! I just got a pedi yesterday so, Im ready to show off my PRETTY TOES & SOLES. You’ve never seen a pair of LIPS as luscious as mine, with the perfect LIP GLOSS to drives you crazy.

As you may know, after the “mid-life-sabbatical” that I took, I am finally doing real-time SESSIONS again. I am certainly enjoying the calls and fantasies I’ve been receiving. However, I do have quite a few time-wasters and novices who could do better in terms of contacting me. I must admit that I was shocked to find that quite a few people read my blog so, I’m glad I kept it running and I appreciate my viewers.
Now down to some serious stuff: I do not discuss sessions in detail over the phone/email/text. For those calling or emailing me to inquire about sessions, please remember –NO EXPLICIT LANGUAGE! Do not call to ask me if I do: GS, BS, Strap-On, or Foot Jobs! <---- I do not provide any illegal services.
Now that we’re past that: Let me say that it is extremely annoying to have a client call, not know exactly what they want but try to extend into a long and empty conversation. If you want ROLEPLAY but are unsure of the “scene”, I can suggest some for you – Otherwise, call back when you can speak like an adult (or at least a reasonable client).
Lastly: I appreciate every session or experience I have with clients/submissives but, I did have a session with a client recently that was a bit disappointing. He was a young handsome Foot Worshiper, who initially wanted to serve as a subservient foot_slave and was well trained. We didn’t go into much detail over the phone but, upon meeting him at first sight – I was already pleased with his obedience. He described tales of his trainings which gave me some ideas of what he liked but, we were in a hotel (not a dungeon). Therein was the issue of giving him “subservient errands” since there was only one room at our disposal. At the dungeon I could have had him cleaning my collection of heels or every mirror in the Chinese Torture Room. However in a hotel, we were limited to the things I had with me and what was in the room. Then with a simple Orgasm Denial Game, he erupted and six thick long spurts of his jizz landed on his face. My point is that sometimes I appreciate a session that can keep me entertained and not every “wannabe houseboy w/limits” can light my fire.
Gifts to GoddessVanessa!
Sadly, I know I have missed some calls this and yesterday in the early morning. My phone was ringing off the hook but The Goddess was asleep until noonish, working late hours makes for extra beauty rest in the A.M. Best times to reach out to me are between 1pm and 2am. I can also respond to texts faster but, if your grammar sucks – don’t bother. LOL.
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