The Boot Worshiping ~ Smoking Fetishist

I had a wonderful session with a cute Asian sub who said he was into Smoking Fetishes. He requested that I wear a pair of high heeled boots, so I wore a shiny pair with a sexy pencil skirt, a pvc waist cincher, and a tight fitted button-up blouse. Once I secured the room for the session, I directed him to my location. I was pleased by his subservient demeanor and his generosity. 

He seemed a it shy but, things warmed up when he sat at my feet to practice lighting my cigarette . He couldn’t strike a match or didn’t know how, but lucky for him that I’m a  good teacher. I guess he did have a certain “boyish innocence” about him. He seemed like a bit of a nerd with his glasses on but, I actually found it to be a turn-on.

As he helped me out of my Shiny Black Boots, I could feel my pantyhose sweating  – since I had my boots laced so tight, I was surprised to see them “run-free”.  He massaged my sweaty toes through my stockings, then I asked him “How do they smell”? He said, “Well  they’re a little smelly but they’re good”. I could tell he was enjoying my scent because My feet barely left his face. 

Then he asked about a pair of worn sneakers that were put to the side, “Are those Your sneakers? Can I smell them?” I gave him permission to sniff them and watched him sniff my sweaty dirty socks. He asked several questions about the types of sessions I have, complimented me on My Marketing Skills with my BLOG, and several other things. Honestly at some points I felt like I was doing a paid survey or an interview. Lots of questions but I totally enjoyed the conversation and it made me happy to know that there are those who actually READ MY BLOG. Currently I’m taking a few of his suggestions into consideration, as far as having my site reviewed and other Techy stuff. It feels good knowing that some readers are loyal, give feedback, and have been with me for years.




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  1. so if it were to pass that I am really more a susbismive fetishist than a susbismive, would you think any less of me? or give me less attention? For one thing, I don’t have any of the masochistic fetishes or desires that you speak of. I do fantasize about submitting, but only so far or in certain situations.

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