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I have read a few Domme blogs and have seen that many of them talk unfavorably towards other females or dommes. I can perfectly understand a personal situation being directed towards ‘that’ party but, to just speak of jealous females or to degrade another domme is ….. fucked up! These intelligent beautiful Domina’s should support each other and not break each other down.

Anyway, I don’t like to and nor do I agree with any “female bashing”. I love it when females stick together like lionesses in a pride. Why point out the blemishes of another woman’s personality, when life is too short to fix your own. Women should stick together and support one another without the harsh blogged words of jealousy or whatever. I believe in Female Supremacy and although other females may not believe in their own supremacy or take pride in themselves…I think women are symbols of life, love, & infinity. I just hate to see females displaying themselves as the ultimate bitch with total disregard for other women as if they were nothing but male womanizers. We are better than that!

There are already enough male “he-man woman haters” on this earth to possibly over populate every intelligent dominant female- period! I see women who take pride in themselves and are still humble, as true goddesses that deserve to be worshiped beyond words. The truth is that most males probably do not even know how to worship females and have to be taught in one way or another. Just the other day while I was in class having a discussion on a story by ‘Edgar Allen Poe’, another male student proceeded to claim that generally women are greedy, unintelligent, inferior creatures as a whole. He didn’t not say “certain” or “some” he generalized all women in the same category which is simply not correct.

My blood boiled and for a moment I could only hear his woman bashing comments. I nearly forgot I was in a classroom and had the brief thought of slamming my elbow into his face to knock some sense into him. Many of the other female students in the class said nothing and kept a silence while only 2 females (me and another girl) defending women against this educated well-spoken male. Everyone is entitled to their opinion which is exactly what brought be back down to earth from my aggressive thinking.

“A filthy mouth will not utter decent language”
“Be not disturbed at being misunderstood; be disturbed rather at not being understanding”

~ Chinese Proverbs

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