FGV: Toe Bath Symphony

Splish Splash, My TOES wiggling in my bubble bath. Soaking my SOLES in blissful body oils; Admiring my smooth creamy thighs with your prying eyes. Beauty sinking sweetly beneath the bubbles, desiring to be more than just a bit spoiled.

FGV- ‘The Ultimate Temptation’

There is much to be desired, envied, & imitated. I never hesitate to facilitate that I’ve been underestimated. And a word to those who are eager to serve; I am certain that I’m more than you deserve. My time is precious so monetary tribute is required. If pampering me from HEEL to TOE is your fantasy, you might be an official FGV addict. I now I’ve been gone a while but, I haven’t retired…I’m just a little hard to acquire.

Seducing FEMDOM media is my specialty. From videos and photos to Literary and Audio PERVERSIONS – I aim for quality. Gradually building in quantity, web presence and followings – delighting in the allure of this kinky world.

Real-Time or Online – Female Dominance will remain divine, withstanding the test of time.


……BTW…Happy Belated Love Day….


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