I’m Big and you’re little !! LOL.

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It is exciting to know that a guy wants to be humiliated by Me and abused for my amusement. I have no problem having a good laugh at some wankers expense. However, I would like a foot worshiper more than a humiliation slut. There are 3 men who can say that they have had the pleasure of a foot fetish session with Me and have had some ‘squirtastic’ fun. I like all the kink of BDSM, Worship, and female supremacy. I have found a lot of fakers online as well but, I have also found some serious subs/slaves that a generous and serious about worshiping.

Anyway, I love being spoiled and worshiped. I would enjoy the opportunity to have a personal male slave to use,abuse,tease,& please as I see fit. I am into Foot worship,Body worship,and more. I am also a smoker so having a human ashtray or human furniture also appeals to Me. I want a sub who will do everything for Me and anything to make Me smile!

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  1. I think a more personal apparoch is beneficial. It attracts those who share your passions and leads to a more mutually stimulating relationship. Not that a piece of man meat can’t be fun to toy with, it’s just not the same as a deep connection.The great thing about being an independent femdom, is that we can groom our slaves to suit our personal tastes. Sharing what you enjoy shouldn’t kill the right boners. I have struggled with the same issue over the years. How much do I want to share? Lately, I haven’t even been blogging enough for that to be an issue. But, I do share my views, thoughts, and personal details when interacting with my slaves. Most intelligent slaves, enjoy that we have brains.I don’t feel I objectify myself. I take ownership of my sexuality and enjoy it. I decide what my comfort levels are. There will always be a few shallow idiots in fetish, but that’s no different in the vanilla world. Bang their wallet and kick them to the curb when you are done. LOLMarketing is fun, it’s also interesting to see the results of your efforts.

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