Just a few tasks for the sissies that tell Me they want to be trained.

Sissy Tasks

Wear a thong and a cute tank top matched with some sexy heels. Take a humiliating picture of you in your sissy whore outfit. Then take a butt plug and insert it into your ass with lube to make it feel like a juicy wet cunt. While your sissy hole is plugged and juicy, jerk your cock teasingly to almost reach a climax. Do NOT cum! Hold your orgasm until you have almost reached a climax for the 3rd time around. Then I want you to shoot your throbbing load towards your face, so that you may catch a taste of your own sissy slut cum. While your cock is shooting cum your sissy ass should be tightening around the wet butt plug. Remove the plug and lick your sissy cunt juice from it ( I say cunt because sissies don’t have real cocks-LOL). Now what do you say? (your response to Me should be , “Thank You generous Princess for allowing My sissy cunt to cum”.

Start wearing pretty sets of designer women stockings and fishnets to put on a fashion show for Me. Make sure to get women thongs as well as regular underwear to model in your fashion show for Me. This fashion show is for My pleasure not yours so, your first task is to entertain Me with one of your best toys (ie:dildo,butt plug,nipple clamps, vibrators). Use one of your best toys and suck it for 5 mins if it’s a dildo. If it’s not a dildo and is a vibrator or butt plug instead then I expect you to model with a butt plug firmly in your ass while you pose in different positions. Make sure to bend over and touch your toes like a slut and to sit down with your legs crossed, like a good sissy slut getting his ass used as a cunt. LOL.

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  1. i enjoy massive strapon i take a 12 inch one from my Mistress every Tuesday but i need something way way bigger like a 20 incher. i submit myself completely, i will let you castrate me even. If you want i will send any mistress a video of me taking a 24 inch dildo. i have been working my hole into shape for a while, so i can take anything. Last week my Mistress almost double fisted me. i am looking for a way more dominate one that will make me feel pain. Please post back – my butt is so cute but needs action. i am so loyal to my Mistress. i let her fuck me at work or in the shower at home with a shampoo bottle. i want Her to put me in my place though and make me suck a 24 inch dick and take it until She is satisfied.

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