Too much to ask ?

Is it too much to ask for perfect love, again?

Is asking for devotion, too much?

Ride or Die ♥ love! Hardcore BFFs ★

Summertime’s here and lust is definitely in the air. Now that most or all of my FAKE FRIENDS and bullshitters are out of the way, I’m seeking new connections. People who are mature, financially stable,  open-minded, fun-loving, and spontaneous.

Speaking of ‘LUST’, I think I got hit with a hardcore case of LUST …put the ‘S’ in front and you’ll have Slut. LoL! My weekends have been very steamy and once again I find myself being tempted. My latest TASTE has me hungry for more; the kind of union that watches the sunset and sunrise — again & again.

I don’t need you. I don’t need you. I don’t need you. I don’t need you.  …..But I want you.    ||~Jhene Aiko||


Q: Do hustlers have the biggest dicks? (My A: not necessarily)

Q: Cock or Dick?

Q: Long hair or No hair?

Q: Boots. Yes or No?







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