My Bratty Desires

There is so much that I feel and want to experience.
I am learning more and more everyday from highly experienced Dominas. I am learning about more of the sadistic pleasures that make a MaleDom smile. The more discipline I receive, the more I can take and the more I want to take.

I desire to be flogged teasingly until it goes from light to heavy. I want to see the cherry red look of My ass after a nice spanking. It has been so long since I had a red bottom and I miss it truly. I know the pleasures of being sensually disciplined and having your curiosities explored.

I desire a good OTK from a pair of big strong hands that know “where, how hard, and how much more”. Yes, I’m bratty and maybe a bit snotty/snobby but, I like to have fun. I like to know that I can be a spoiled brat and get what I want sometimes. Is that bad if all I want is a brat’s attention, discipline, & love?

Sometimes it hard to explain but, I guess it can be described as a feeling of longing to come close to your 1st and best bdsm experience. Sometimes I want to ask myself where did this longing come from, when will it leave again, why does it keep coming back…..

I think the dirtiest and kinkiest thoughts until I wonder or think that I am wrong or twisted. It is through my longing that I contemplate on whether I should leave this lifestyle for a strictly vanilla one. Everyone has to do what makes them happy.

Guess I will continue this later….

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  1. Hello Divine Goddess Her Highness Mistress Vanessa. Wonderful story absolutely wonderful cannot wait to see more videos and so look forward to the launching of Your highness’ new deepest regards david

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