Papi "aims to please".

I love his mature swag and his sleek muscular tone. He is the perfect Blatino papi and even his voice turns me on. He is so sweet, intelligent, and reassuring that all I can do is think of him more & more. He loves to smell and touch all over my pretty feet. Just the thought of my feet in a pair of boots for over 2hours gets him aroused with a bulge in his pants. I love it when he caresses my feet and compliments me on how pretty they look.

When we kissed, it was so hot, sweet, & quick. It seems as if our tongues were locked before I could even blink. His tongue was so juicy and his kisses were so intense. The more our tongues twirled, them ore his pants bulged. I could see his cock swelling down his leg in his jeans. He was making my kitty melt like an ice cream on a hot summer day and I wanted him badly.

It didn’t really matter that we were being watched by another couple in his living room. W were all grown adults so why not smoke, drink, and have a good time. I was nicely buzzed from the 420 and Hennessey. The other couple were nice conversation but, still pretty stiff in my opinion (probably too shy for me). Anyway, once that boring couple left and we were alone, thats when things got really kinky. I was waiting on his bed with my t-shirt and panties on. He came into his room and sat on his bed rubbing on my legs. He started touching my feet and then he took my panties off. He is such a good kisser and every one of his kisses had me totally aroused. He held my arm above my head while we kissed furiously and then he started smelling my armpits. (He is just one of those guys who likes the natural scent of a woman. I think that his fetish for my armpits is a total turn on). He sniffs me like he is sniffing some fresh baked cookies that are so delicious. His cock got super hard while he smelled my sweet spots.

I got the three of my fave things this night: sex, weed, and liquor; plus I got to watch a movie called “The Mack”. He makes me feel so adored,worshiped, and aroused that my body can’t hide from his sensual Blatino ego. We rolled through his king size bed as if we were in a fantasy world of lust and passion. He smelled and rubbed my feet like a true foot lover. I couldn’t help but to fall for his intense brown eyes and masculine features. His rough 4play was a huge turn on as he pulled my hair to drive himself deeper into my juicy walls. He grabbed my neck while he went deeper into me and I found myself getting even wetter. This seductive little form “breath play” was so arousing that my body was about to orgasm for the second time. As we moved into doggystyle position my pussy tightened at the thought of him making me orgasm. I felt every inch of him and it felt as if my juicy walls hugged his dick while he pumped it in and out of me. When he started to cum I heard him let out a shout like, “Oooh shit baby. Damn…!” Then we both collapsed onto his bed with weak knees. LOL. I remember him telling me that he would “take care of me”. I thought to myself “well prove it”.


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