:: Rules ::


Protocol is important to follow because it avoids misunderstandings and helps establish rules.

Protocol, in the BDSM world, refers to how Tops/Dominants/Masters and Bottoms/Submissives/Slaves interact with each other. Some groups have very elaborate rules governing protocol, and some do not. Some will also say that the behavior of an owned submissive or slave is dictated strictly by the owner.

Usually, basic rules of protocol dictate that the sub/slave refers to all Dominants as Master/Mistress or Sir/Ma’am. A sub/slave should not speak to a Dominant unless spoken to first, and a Dominant should likewise not speak to an owned sub/slave without first asking permission of the owner. Other rules pertain to kneeling, scene etiquette, and so on.

~~BDSM Etiquette~~

DO NOT assume that you may touch my submissive during  a scene if I have not specifically invited you to do so. It is very rude and I will be very upset!

DO NOT disrespect me! Always address me as Mistress, Goddess, Lady, or Ms.Vanessa . Being a bratty sadomasochist at heart allows me to be a wonderful switch but, do not assume that I will switch/sub to you without knowing you.

ANY inquiries about serving me at an event must be accompanied by a gift at the time the scene/event. Meaning you will not get a freebie session out of me, not 2 mins or 20. If by chance I have chosen to use you for my own amusement then this would be of my choosing and the only possible exception.

:: FAQ’s ::

What do you expect from your personal lifestyle slaves/submissives? I expect for my personal lifestyle toys & subs to be Devoted, Honest, Generous, Experienced, Be at least 40yrs of age and ; ready to fulfill my wants, needs, and desires.

When can I find you at an EVENT? I attend many fetish/bdsm/alternative events regularly so to stay see my calendar go click here.

Where do you host your sessions? Currently I may host for sessions in a private room in Brooklyn or Qns, but I am always on the hunt for other locations. If I am unable to host, I will consider traveling to your location or meeting you at location (hotel/dungeon) of my choosing. 

How do I book a session with you? If you are responding to an ad, then you should call me accordingly for same-day booking. Otherwise, if you are just seeking to book a session in advance (48hrs-1wk)~Do not call me! – Instead use my Advance Sessions Form


___Do’s & Dont’s ___

  1. NO explicit conversation when you call to book an appt with me. (ie: “Do you offer Brown Showers”). Explicit conversation will terminate the call! 
  3. If you wish to pay for your session via Credit Card, let this be known at least 5hrs in advance. (Billing is listed as ‘FGV Necessities’).

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  1. Stunning! I look forward to you showing us some of this footwear that you have mentioned. I have found myself to be fascinated and turned on by sexy womens feet and shoes. I am already a big fan of yours and look forward to your success with this new site.

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