Updates & Followings.

Firstly, if you’ve been having trouble viewing the site… apologies. I’ve been updating my WordPress Site here and having server issues.

For whatever reason you found my site or sought me out, let me just address this clearly:

  1. Seeing Arrangements, SD/SB: Yes I am still looking for this type of arrangement but, I’m a no non-sense type of person so “if you come come correct !” I expect you to be able and ready to make arrangements. Email me directly with your questions or suggestions.
  2. Clips4Sale, Niteflirt, ELM, Skype: I haven’t uploaded any new videos/products in a while but, I will be working on some soon. So Custom Requests are on HOLD. I am still occasionally on skype if you can catch me there but, be prepared to pay for my cam time! No exceptions, No free chat, No misc bs. NF customers are encouraged to email me in advance for chat.
  3. Real Time Sessions: I am still doing sessions and I’m hosting in the Brooklyn area now, so if you want to boo a session in advance…just be sure to email me first. I’ll be adding another ‘easy-to-use’ sessions form to my site soon!


As far as what I’ve been up to lately, here’s a quick digest:

  1. I’m still attending various ALT/BDSM parties, especially ‘Avant-Garde‘. The next event that I’m going to is this Saturday, June 14th @10pm. Detials here on Fetlife or Facebook.
  2. JerzyLuvSoles: I love spending time with FOOT enthusiasts!!



I do have much more to say and not enough time so I have to cut this short.


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