When it rains, it pours.

I find it truly unbelievable at this moment, that despite my efforts to revamp this website of mine, things have turned upside down and back to the beginning again. Yes, I’m feeling discouraged and very upset. I’m upset with these various hosting companies that have failed me time and time again. The view of this website as it is on this date is not how I last remembered it – this is the previous version (‘see images below’) that I was trying to overhaul. Unbelievable!

I wont deny that in this moment – I feel like giving up and trashing this whole site for something “less” or not at all. However, I will attempt to push on and fill this site with everything I’ve hoped for and more.

Side Note: I do love my former layout but two different hosting providers said that it was filled with viruses. etc. etc. So I wont be using that theme for a while – unless I want to rebuild it from scratch; coding and all.

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