Worn Boots & Sneakers.

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—> Title: Smelly Sneakers & Rotten Socks   Format:WMV      6mins ($5.99)

Sniff Sniff…. Something smells and I think its My sneakers! The temps are in the mid 80’s today so, it feels like 100 degrees in the sun. After a busy day on my FEET – back & forth – I’m ready to relax my TOES. Taking off My sneakers I smell a significant odor and soon realize that its My sneakers, with my SWEATY SOCKS rotting inside them! Tell me what smells worse – SNEAKERS or SOCKS??

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—>Title: Nosey BOOT bitch!   Format:MP4 (HD-1080p)  –>5mins ($5.99)


It’s a shame you aren’t worthy of the filth underneath My boots! My ankle length well-worn leather boots, pressing your face into the ground – hell of a fantasy huh. Ha Ha.

Well since you were caught spying on Me and tried to creep up on Me, I think a lesson has to be learned here! I don’t tolerate nosey whores who lick BOOT CRUST from the bottom of pretty girls boots. One filthy boot after another, your job as the BOOT WHORE will be to LICK THEM CLEAN! No exceptions. No excuses. Only Devotion & Servitude. Disobedience demands PUNISHMENT!

Coming home from a humid day in my casual LEATHER BOOTS and seeing your loser face gazing at my beauty…is the last thing I want to see. Get your beedy little eyes out of my face before I slap you into a new work week! Eyes to the ground slave and WORSHIP MY FILTHY BOOTS!

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